Monday, December 31, 2007

Hello I am the official blogger for Grace and Miranda

Well my name is Kim, I also with Hope Adoption Agency, I have the privilege of keeping you informed.

I just talked to Grace just few minutes ago. She and Miranda are waiting in DC and ready to take off on Ethiopian Air flight 501.

They have quickly made friends and have seen several adoptive families preparing to leave on their flight to be united with their children.

The temperature in Addis is 61 so they are heading towards nice weather.

Grace is very excited and she said she saw a little baby in the terminal that looked like Fitty.

They should be arriving into Addis at close to 8:00 pm on the first day of the new year! I say that is a great way to ring in 2008, so many new exciting adventures on the horizon.

I hope to keep you as informed as possible, and if we are all lucky, some pictures. Be sure to leave a comment and say hi so they can have some good reading when they return home, ya like they are going to have time!

Signing off for now

Saturday, December 29, 2007

meeting my sisters in three days!!!

oh dear lord on the agenda today: learn Amharic, finish getting the suitcases packed, get together the lockets for the girl's ET mommies, go to a birthday party, pack up some of the x mas stuff, wash all the dog beds, finish Vivi's photo album, drink multiple diet dr. peppers because I will be without for nearly two weeks, learn how to use the new camcorder. I should be going....

No need to worry, Mom did break three of her fingers while trying to pull down our broken garage door! so we totally accomplished something NOT EVEN ON THE LIST!

Friday, December 28, 2007



Tuesday, December 18, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things!!

So I thought it would be fun, and helpful to those just beginning the process if maybe I made a list of a variety of things both mom and I have grown to love over the course of the adoption. I think every post I will do something different so that it doesn't become overwhelming. I will especially do a post about things that were essential to our travel when we get back! Hope you enjoy!!!
"I'm Chocolate, Your Vanilla" by Marguerite A. Wright is a great book about raising children of color.
"There is no Me Without You", you should read this if you have adopted, are considering adopting or are just a human being! When my grandma read this book it helped to put Ethiopia's struggle into perspective and she has become much more supportive of the adoption now.
"Held at a Distance, my Rediscovery of Ethiopia" was a great book, I only read about 10 pages, then Mom misplaced it.. oops.
"My Family, My Journey: A Baby Book for Adoptive Families" is by Zoe Francesca and Susie Ghahremani and a really great option for adoptive families who want baby books!
"The Soul of a New Cuisine" by Marcus Samuelsson- an Ethiopian adoptee has great stories and recipes from all over Africa. I would strongly recommend his Ethiopian chocolate cake recipe from this book, its amazing!!
"Foods of Ethiopia" by Barbara Sheen is a great cookbook we just received a few days ago that has a lot of recipes and explanations to go along with them.
"Lonely Planet Ethiopian Amharic Phrasebook" is essential for those traveling and/or bringing home older children to help with the language barrier.
"Kinki Kreations" by Jena Renee Williams is a step by step (with pictures of super cute kids) instructions about doing hair from ages infant to teen.
"E is for Ethiopia" which is a rhyming alphabet book about things in Ethiopia that supports education in Ethiopia and is available at
"The Perfect Orange: A Tale from Ethiopia" by Frank P. Araujo is a great illustrated book for slightly older children.
Both "Pretty Brown Face" by Andrea and Brian Pinkney and "Shades of Black" by Sandra Pinkney are great books that celebrate the beauty of African children.
"In the Small, Small Night" by Jane Kurtz is a great children's book about traditional childhood stories from Ghana.
"The Beekeeper of Lalibela" by Cristina Kessler is a great book for older children with wonderful illustrations.
"Why I Choose You" by Gregory E. Lang is AMAZING. I got it for Sophie for her Christmas present (weird I know) and while we were reading it the other night I was just crying out loud it's so moving! It has great pictures of beautiful adoptive families and 100 reasons why "I choose you". I think it would make a perfect present for any one who is adopting/ had adopted.

Monday, December 17, 2007


here is an updated smiling picture of miss sophie!!!! She is soo super gorgeous!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

pictures from the baby shower!!

sorry a little late but here are some pictures from mom's baby shower!
this is my amazing Ethiopian flag cupcake tower that took me 6 hours to make...

and here are the three of us girls!!!

and mom with some of her loot

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


So something has happened. Aleena isn't an Aleena!!!! We have been looking at her picture and she just doesn't look like an Aleena! We think she may be a Sophia Biset Fitsum. Any ideas? Sophia means wise and ever since we saw her first picture we said she just looked like a little wise old soul!!!

PS my grandma couldn't pronounce Aleena correctly if her life counted on it!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Equality for our adopted children

Please check out this site. It is for a lobby group in the US advocating for equal treatment for adopted children. Membership is free, but you can also donate to them.

For internationally adopted children their goal is, in a nutshell, to treat them the same way that children who are born of US citizens overseas are, rather than as immigrants. This would essentially eliminate all of the visa/immigration paperwork we are required to do.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007



Isn't she beautiful??? She has the biggest most perfect eyes and that cute little nose, those full cheeks and those lips! She has my lips!!! The only thing she needs is some hair!! They had to shave her head when she was in the hospital to put the IV, poor baby!! I love her so so so so so so much!!!! We have booked our airfare and are traveling on December 31st to go meet both of the girls and bring home my littlest sister!!!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

so we officially are closer to being a family of four! WE MADE IT THROUGH COURT!!! I will post a picture of the most gorgeous little baby I have EVER seen in my life (other than Genevieve of course) tomorrow because I am unbelievably busy with the baby shower!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007


So I have been unbelievably stressed out with tests, planning for the shower and an Italian presentation that I have due tomorrow. I did find this really cute picture of me and mom though and I wanted everybody to see it! Maybe tomorrow I will be able to post a picture of Leni if everything goes okay with court!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


So today, Miss Aleena's court date did not go through. The Ministry of Women's Affairs forgot to send a certain letter so they rescheduled the date for Friday the 30th. Everyone please keep us in your thoughts so that we can maybe bring this baby home soon!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007


If anyone is planning on buying us Christmas gifts this year we would like to suggest going to this website and purchasing a gift for good! It's a pretty cool idea, you choose a gift like a sheep or a goat to donate to a family and they will send a gift card to the recipient telling them about it. Its all I want for Christmas--except Genevieve and Aleena home!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


It's my 2nd most favorite holiday and mom's birthday!!! YAY!!
here is her thanksgiving pumpkin pie/ birthday cake

I am thankful for:
The people (and dogs) who love me
Seeing my sister's pictures this year
Having an extraordinary and loving mom!
Having a warm bed and good food
Being able to afford a great education
Meeting people who care as much about Ethiopia as we do
Hope Adoption Agency and everyone signed with it!!
Have a wonderful thanksgiving!!!!

Oh yeah I am also thankful for: turkey bacon sandwiches and nutella!!!!


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Free Rice

This is a fun and addictive game that benefits the United Nations World Food Program (WFP).

Happy 4 day weekend!!

I am so ready for this 4 day weekend!! Isn't this first day just the best? I have 4 days where I do not have to think, I can sleep late, and just lay around if I choose to. They are predicting it to be very cold and maybe even snow starting tomorrow, I am so excited about having a nice fire and just cuddling up.

So, now it is less than 6 days until little Aleena's court date! I really hope that we make it through on that first try! I have given up hope of having her home before Christmas, but would love to travel the week after Christmas. Good news on Genevieve's case--they are just about ready to file her papers. Maybe in the next week!! YEA!!! I will still have to make 2 trips, but that is ok, I just want to get my girls home!!

Monday, November 19, 2007


So I am getting pretty excited for turkey day which is also my mommy's BIRTHDAY!!! yay she's 29 AGAIN!!! My grandma is coming down for 3 days which should be fun... if not a bit tiring and we are going to do all of the traditional stuff!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

I just realized it's only 15 days till Aleena's court date! Yay!


So it has been a long time since the last post, but that is because we have been super busy trying to get everything ready. We have started packing up the donations we have already and Aleena's clothes that we plan to take with us to ET. I am also very busy planning the BAAAABBBY SHOWER, which is on the 1st! yay! I am so excited. I am pretty sure it is going to be the bestest baby shower ever! Of course I planned it for right during finals so I am super stressed but it keeps me busy. So we have been extreme cleaning the house (bleh) and I have been trying to catch up on homework (double bleh). I tried to post a picture of the invitation that I worked on so hard but it won't work! Hopefully we have a lot of fun friends, good food, presents and donations for the orphanage.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Miss Aleena's Crib

So Im pretty sure that Aleena has the prettiest crib ever. Sorry if the pictures are kind of blurry, one of the dogs attacked my camera and now it doesn't take that great of pictures.

and here is one of Annabelle who loves the girls room .

and finally a close up of the crib with the doll we are taking Vivi.

Monday, October 29, 2007



Sunday, October 28, 2007

No info on a court date yet, so that's sad! We had a really bad week, some family friends were killed in a car accident last Friday so please keep their two daughters in their thoughts.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Just got word that Fitty's papers were filed today! This means that we should have a definite court date by Wednesday! My little one is coming home!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Shimeliss wrote and said that he will probably be filing Fitty's paper's tomorrow! That means she will probably have her court date in around 17 days, which means I will have my sweet littlest sister home around the beginning of December! AHHHH!!~!~!!@ Now all we have to do is get working on Vivi's papers and the little Pruitt family shall be complete in no time!!!!

Let's have a picture of mom's true baby who is probably going to go crazy giving little Fitty kisses.

This is Layla who loves to: clean ears, bite the other dog's achilles, cuddle my mother, and play with any squeaky toy available. She is also absolutely, crazily obsessed with mango, she goes crazy when mom cuts one, more so then when she might be getting something like steak. Isn't she precious.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fightin' Fitty!

Thanks to Amy, we have taken to calling Fitsum Fightin' Fitty! Thanks to Lisa, a very nice lady who is also adopting through Hope, we were able to see a very recent picture of Miss Fitsum. She looks so so much better. She is filling out, her cheeks are almost pinch able and are most definitely kissable. She even looks like she is almost smiling. Her skin rash looks like it is resolving, and she is just so darn cute. It was the first picture I have ever seen of her without a cap and her hair is almost straight! Who knew? We should know something Monday or Tuesday about a court date. I am ready to get moving. I am happy to have the peace of mind that she is thriving now. Thanks Lisa!

Monday, October 8, 2007

No court date!

No court date! I am so bummed out! I don't know exactly what the hold up is! I see other people getting court dates. I hear of others getting through the courts. Just not me. I think someone that needs to sign off on mine is on vacation or something. Get back to work!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007


This is Fitty's lovely crib!!!

And this is a picture of the most precious little glider we got for Vivi who doesn't have her bed yet because we aren't done cleaning the room out!!

The little fabric on the crib is a blanket for the crib, and we are going to order matching sets for both the girls! It is probably going to be the cutest room EVER!


Yay! Mom went and registered yesterday and it was so much fun! I am so glad they finally put in the babies r us here! We also bought the crib mattress and assembled the crib and it looks so cute! I will put pictures of it up later!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Possible Court Date!!

I just spoke with Shimeliss and he said that they were planning on presenting our case to the courts on Monday. He said that they tried today, but that they weren't giving out court dates yet. He said that they will try again Monday, but there may be a huge rush so wish us luck everyone!!! We are still proceeding with just Fitsum if Genevieve's papers are not ready, but they are working very hard to get the needed documentation so I can bring them both home in one trip.

I am still comforted knowing that Fitsum will be home soon. She just needs to hang in there a little while longer!! Lisa, who just got a referral through Hope is going to be in Addis Monday and Tuesday and will visit the same orphanage where Fitsum lives. She has promised to look in on her and give her lots of TLC!! Thanks Lisa!

Thursday, October 4, 2007


So today mom got an email that said that baby Fitsum is going home from the hospital. We are kind of worried but the doctor from the hospital is training someone at the orphanage on how to take care of her and make sure she eats properly. Shimeliss said that there will be someone taking care of her 24/7 and he will get definitive updates on her. This makes me happy because at least now someone will be there to hold and baby her so she doesn't feel so alone. Hopefully we will hear news about a court date soon so we can bring these girls home! Today in Italian Cinema we were watching a movie with a girl named Stella, which means star in Italian. I was thinking that it would be a great name for Fitsum because even through all the pain and suffering she has been through she has managed to still have a twinkle like a star in her eye! So I don't know we are just trying to come up with ideas, but everything we think of is either too common or doesn't fit her so here are our names so far. Elena, Aleena, Stella, and I like Owen but no one else seems to...

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

my sweet little sisters

we saw a picture today of Fitsum and it literally broke my heart. I want to go and just hold her SO bad! She looked so tiny but she had really bright eyes and an adorable little chin and cute button nose! It hurt to see her because she's so emaciated and miserable but Im happy to say she has got some twinkle in her eyes!!! Shimeliss said that he is going to work to get her home as quick as possible but there may be some trouble and we might have to go to ET twice, because all of Vivi's paperwork isn't ready. He did say that she is an outgoing, vivacious and really friendly little girl! I just wish we could bring them home now...

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Shimeliss is coming home!

Our adoption coordinator is FINALLY coming back to the States!! He sent me an email this morning which said that Fitsum is doing better every day, but is still not very good at sucking her bottle. They are going to keep her in the hospital until they are confident that she is able to eat enough to sustain herself. Pretty good news all in all. He also said that my dossier should be back from the translators this week. I am still hoping for a late October, early November court date. I need to get these girls home!!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fitsum needs a name

What about Hudson Biset Fitsum?

Friday, September 28, 2007

Fitsum update

Mommy talked to Shimeliss, the adoption coordinator on Wednesday and found out that little Fitsum is in the hospital! My poooor little baby sister!! She has an IV and is getting alot of fluids and nutrients so that she can become stronger and come home!! We talked to him again today and he said that she is already doing TONS better so yay for her!!! So everyone just please keep sending her positive thoughts so she knows we are all so excited to meet her and have her home! I swear I wish I could just drop out of school, go to Ethiopia and spend the next few months getting to know my sisters and living with them in their homeland. Especially when I heard that my little Fitty is so sick! Oh well, I will see my sweet little sisters soon enough! On a better note, Shimeliss said that he received mom's dossier and has already began to translate it and everything looks great! Today a church had an used children's clothing/toys sale and we got A TON of clothes for the girls. Especially Fitsum. We also got the cutest little pink glider for Vivi. My Mimi is coming to visit this weekend and I am really excited because she finally gets to see all the great pictures we have of the girls and look at the progress we have made on their room! So everyone just keep praying for little Fitsum and hope she makes a rapid recovery so we can bring her home in December!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I am feeling frustrated today! Still no court date. I have heard that the courts won't be opening until Monday and that is after Shimeliss leaves. I don't know if that means I will have to wait for him to go back on October 22. I also haven't heard any more news on Fitsum. I am hoping that no news is good news still is the case. Finally, I haven't been contacted by USCIS. No fingerprint appointment or anything else and it is impossible to speak to anyone live.

I just keep reminding myself that this is the path I choose and that it will be so worth all the stress in the end. I just want to hold my babies!!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sweet little Fitty

Shimeliss emailed me and as of this morning Fitsum was doing a little better. I would have preferred a lot better, but at this point I will take it!! Everyone keep those encouraging thoughts and prayers coming her way!

Still no court date, but the upside of that is Amy(also adopting from Hope) doesn't have a court date yet either. I am hoping this means we will have ours at the same time and be able to travel together!!! The way Julia (also with Hope) is plowing through she may be right there with us!!! That would be so much fun!

Queen of the Castle

Next up in the dog preview is my old lady of a dog Sadie. She is almost 11 and pretty much runs the house from the comfort one of her many beds throughout the house. There is nothing Sadie loves more than a freshly laundered bed/blanket as exhibited here! Well maybe to be petted. Silly girl!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Caesar and his corner

My dog, who weighs in at a hefty 120 lbs, LOVES corners. When we started clearing out the girls room, and the computer took over his beloved corner, he moved and found a new one. So here is a picture of my Caesar contorted behind a chair in his new corner. I looove him!

More on Fitsum

We got some more great news today--Fitsum is doing much better. I didn't get a lot of details but just knowing that puts our minds at ease. They will be taking her back to the Doctor next week so maybe we will learn more then. We just need for her to be strong and fight!!! Just a couple of months until she comes home and we will give her more love and attention than she will know what to do with!

Thanks again everyone for keeping us in your prayers and thoughts!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dear Statistics,

I hate you.


waaaiting for the weekend

So we haven't heard for Shimeliss, but he told mom that no news is good news so hopefully that means that little Fitsum is doing okay! I got up super early because I have an important statistics test that I am scared about ahhhh. But enough about that, look at a picture of Fitsum's adorable high chair, it has a button to lift it like a barber chair! We even put one of Vivi's (Eyerusalem's nickname) dolls in there with a book its so adorable!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

my sweet little fitsum

Mom talked to Shimeliss at 6 this morning and he took my sister to the dr. and said he is sure she will be JUST fine! We think she probably has failure to thrive because she is so young and not used to the orphanage system but Shimeliss has promised to look after her while he is in Ethiopia. Thanks for the prayers!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

baby fitsum

We just got word that my sweet little sister fitsum is not doing well, has lost weight and had to go to the doctor. Please keep her in your thoughts...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


WE GOT THE REFERRALS!!! A GORGEOUS little girl named Eyerusalem who is around 2 and a half (working on the little info we have!!!) and an amazing sweet little baby named Fitsum who is two months old! How perfect is our little family going to be! I wish I could post the pictures of my new little sisters, but of course I have to wait until the court date! I am going crazy, I already ordered a Ethiopian cook book, a new Ethiopian CD, three books for the girls, three books for us, an amazing highchair, a diaper bag and a cute little umbrella stroller for Eyerusalem! I will post more later!!! YAAAAAAAAY!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

very busy week!!

The dossier has officially been sent out!! That means (fingers crossed) we can bring home the girls sometime in December! We have been going crazy trying to get all that together along with my first week of school and my BIRTHDAY! It was amazing I got a beautiful free trade diamond necklace from Africa which I adore. It has the palm print of a diamond worker with a pretty little diamond in the center! I love it because it makes me feel like I can really help others. I also got a juicer, a cuisinart, a pretty dress and a loverly sweater! After my birthday, I think i got the flu or some time of extreme stress tummy sickness so I have been bad and not gone to school for two days. Oh well I still did my homework at least! Also on the baby note, we have decided that Zara is out and now we are considering Ella or Sophie. I love Ella but we are having trouble finding an Ethiopian middle name that flows well. Wish us luck, and for me to stop having a stomach illness!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

painting and crabbie cakes

This weekend, we decided that we could save money and send meds and clothes to the children in ET if we painted the babies room ourselves. Well 18489349 hours later its still not done but it looks so great! It makes it offical because we now have this somewhat finished pink room. To reward ourselves, we went on a children med and baby clothing shopping spree yesterday yay! Today we bought some yummmmmmy delicious Ethiopian coffee seen how school starts tomorrow for me and I will need some sort of caffine to keep me going. For dinner, to thank mom for doing the majority of the painting I made the most deliciouuuuus crab cakes ever. It just gets me sooo excited to have the girls home so we can all cook together and just have fun! Well I am off to get my school supplies ready... haha...

Sunday, August 19, 2007


So I am getting anxious and I want to learn more about my baby sisters. I want to be the best big sister I can and it is making me nervous because I just love these babies so much already and I don't even know them! Mom got the cuuuuutest i <3 my big sister bib yesterday for one of the babies and now I JUST WANT MY SISTERS!

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Today I went and had my photos made to submit with my dossier and to celebrate I had to go shopping. It IS tax-free weekend! We went to Toys-R-Us and got a cute puzzle and book, then to Target where we got cute little clothes, socks and a little sock organizer thingy.

Apparently there is a new baby clothing store in town so we HAD to check that out. On top of the tax-free savings they were having a sale. 40% off!! We got 5 of the cutest little outfits ever! Tea is my new favorite baby line! I cannot wait to see my little sweeties in these.

My dossier is almost complete. I am planning on having it all together in time for my adoption coordinator to carry to Ethiopia in September. Sticking to this timeline means that it is a probability that I will have my babies home in time for Christmas. How amazing!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

soorrry for the horrible picture thing going on down there but I CANT figure it out

pictures of the districto federal!

so I don't know if you could tell but pretty much i <3 pictures

before climbing the pyramid

aaand after

there were more but i kept deleting them and now I am angry at the computer. no baby news as of yet.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Nothing New

This is mom--I really don't have anything new going on. Still waiting on 2 pieces of paper to complete my dossier. These are out of my control so I am just stuck. As Miranda said we survived Mexico City. It was a pretty nice time all in all. I got some cute baby clothes and very tasty candy.

We are still working on getting the girls room ready. We actually haven't gotten much accomplished. The bedding is still not ordered, the room is not painted and I still have junk in there.

There have been a lot of rumors about Ethiopia closing adoptions to single women. This is causing me some very major stress. Most everyone says this is a pretty common rumor and that we should be fine. I certainly hope so, not just for my sake but for the sake of all the single mothers out there who will give these children amazing homes. My fingers are crossed!!

Ok, I guess that will be it for now.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

home sweet home

Well it wasn't our best trip, but it definitely wasn't the worst. A few fights, a few temper tantrums, mostly on Grammy's part I will add, but overall a pretty good time. Pictures and more info later after I bask in doggy kisses.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


So for some insane reason, last Christmas we decided to take my Grammy on a trip to Mexico City. Now that the trip has finally arrived I am not going to lie, I'm getting scared because well, my Mimi has never been out of the country and sometimes she can be kind of mean. But we get to go eat dellllllllicious tacos and homemade corn tortillas and see the pyramids so I don't understand how anyone can be in a bad mood during that weekend trip. What I am kind of excited yet sad about though is that this will be our last trip without the babies! I am sad because duh, only child for 19 years but more so excited because who doesn't want to take their adorable little sisters on a trip. So cross your fingers that we don't have a Mexican beer induced WW III involving the Pruitt ladies this weekend!

Oooh I wonder if they will have toddler ponchos...?


air conditioner broken, not making it.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Not so good day!

Well today was not the best day. I got My I-600 kicked back for not having the right fee. The fees went up on June 30th and I thought as long as it was postmarked by that date they would accept it. I was wrong. They sent all my info back! I guess now I get to send the extra $200 and have lost a week on it. Oh well the not so bad news is that I can send it with my homestudy, which they need anyway.

I also found out that it may be another month until I get my divorce decree, so most def a day of frustration.

On a happier note--Miranda and I are cleaning out the closets in the soon to be nursery. I cannot wait to buy a ton of little clothes hangers and fill those closets with cute little clothes. Just going om the soon-to-be nursery makes me feel happy!! Soon it will be filled with my babies!!


Sunday, August 5, 2007

Home Study

Hi anyone who is reading this!! This is Mom posting. I see no reason for us to have 2 blogs, so I will be sharing this forum with the more advanced Miranda.

I got the best news today, my home study was approved. The way is clear for me to adopt 2 little girls, both under the age of 3 at referral. Siblings or unrelated! I am so relieved, excited, happy.....all these adjectives and more. Everyone told me not to worry, that almost no one doesn't get approved. Even if there are issues, the agency will work with you to resolve them etc.. I guess I just a worrier because worry about it is what I did.

My adoption agency coordinator, who I just love by the way, has said if I am able to have my dossier together by September I will most likely have my girls (whoever they may be) home by Christmas!!!!! Can you imagine a better Christmas gift? I honestly will not need another gift. I need a few more documents to arrive for my dossier, I anticipate I should have them in 2 or 3 weeks. Then once I get them authenticated it will be on its way to Ethiopia. This has all happened so quickly--which is amazing--I am not a patient person.

Ok all, I am now off to look at infant and toddler clothes, toys and bedding. What could be more fun I ask you?

Monday, July 30, 2007

pictures of la familia

Hopefully people will start to read this soon, I know my mom is already friends with a lot of people in the adopting community. We love to look at everyone's blogs, especially when they have pictures! Sorry no Ethiopian baby pictures yet, but some to show you all our family!

This is us on our trip to Spain this summer!

My amazing biggest dog competition winner, Caesar. We found him running down a major street with a broken leg.

And finally my loverly best friend Emily who I have known since 4th grade.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

first post!!

So I finally got bored enough today to get one of these to show our progress in the adoption. Because I am the only technically skilled on in the family (of two right now) I tried to set it up but hopefully we will both be posting! We just had our homestudy, she's freaking out while I on the other hand know I totally rocked it. We also received our first baby present from the bff, some adoooorable tie-dye organic baby socks... so cute.