Monday, July 30, 2007

pictures of la familia

Hopefully people will start to read this soon, I know my mom is already friends with a lot of people in the adopting community. We love to look at everyone's blogs, especially when they have pictures! Sorry no Ethiopian baby pictures yet, but some to show you all our family!

This is us on our trip to Spain this summer!

My amazing biggest dog competition winner, Caesar. We found him running down a major street with a broken leg.

And finally my loverly best friend Emily who I have known since 4th grade.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

first post!!

So I finally got bored enough today to get one of these to show our progress in the adoption. Because I am the only technically skilled on in the family (of two right now) I tried to set it up but hopefully we will both be posting! We just had our homestudy, she's freaking out while I on the other hand know I totally rocked it. We also received our first baby present from the bff, some adoooorable tie-dye organic baby socks... so cute.