Saturday, November 3, 2007

Miss Aleena's Crib

So Im pretty sure that Aleena has the prettiest crib ever. Sorry if the pictures are kind of blurry, one of the dogs attacked my camera and now it doesn't take that great of pictures.

and here is one of Annabelle who loves the girls room .

and finally a close up of the crib with the doll we are taking Vivi.


Martelsfamily said...

WOW what a beautiful room. I can't wait to start mine.Aleena is a lucky little girl :)
Chris XO

Elena said...

I LOVE the wood/crib bedding combo...good job! elena

Anonymous said...

We had a beautiful crib set up too, until, during a parent prep class, someone mentioned "co-sleeping." We thought that was too much closeness at first... But we gave it a try and we love it, our baby loves it.

There are lot of great co-sleeping/attachment parenting resources out there, like Dr. Sears. I personally think it's so good for our adopted babies. But, of course, we must do what's best for our individual families. My vote: use beautiful crib to store toys and have your sweet girl share sleep with you!