Tuesday, October 2, 2007

my sweet little sisters

we saw a picture today of Fitsum and it literally broke my heart. I want to go and just hold her SO bad! She looked so tiny but she had really bright eyes and an adorable little chin and cute button nose! It hurt to see her because she's so emaciated and miserable but Im happy to say she has got some twinkle in her eyes!!! Shimeliss said that he is going to work to get her home as quick as possible but there may be some trouble and we might have to go to ET twice, because all of Vivi's paperwork isn't ready. He did say that she is an outgoing, vivacious and really friendly little girl! I just wish we could bring them home now...


Malia'sMama said...

Oh your description of her breaks my heart! I see my own daughter b/c you haven't yet posted a pic of yours, and just hope Shimeless can indeed pull some strings to get her/them here sooner than expected!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Grace, at least she has twinkle in her eyes! Hopefully you can get her home QUICK!