Sunday, August 5, 2007

Home Study

Hi anyone who is reading this!! This is Mom posting. I see no reason for us to have 2 blogs, so I will be sharing this forum with the more advanced Miranda.

I got the best news today, my home study was approved. The way is clear for me to adopt 2 little girls, both under the age of 3 at referral. Siblings or unrelated! I am so relieved, excited, happy.....all these adjectives and more. Everyone told me not to worry, that almost no one doesn't get approved. Even if there are issues, the agency will work with you to resolve them etc.. I guess I just a worrier because worry about it is what I did.

My adoption agency coordinator, who I just love by the way, has said if I am able to have my dossier together by September I will most likely have my girls (whoever they may be) home by Christmas!!!!! Can you imagine a better Christmas gift? I honestly will not need another gift. I need a few more documents to arrive for my dossier, I anticipate I should have them in 2 or 3 weeks. Then once I get them authenticated it will be on its way to Ethiopia. This has all happened so quickly--which is amazing--I am not a patient person.

Ok all, I am now off to look at infant and toddler clothes, toys and bedding. What could be more fun I ask you?