Monday, December 31, 2007

Hello I am the official blogger for Grace and Miranda

Well my name is Kim, I also with Hope Adoption Agency, I have the privilege of keeping you informed.

I just talked to Grace just few minutes ago. She and Miranda are waiting in DC and ready to take off on Ethiopian Air flight 501.

They have quickly made friends and have seen several adoptive families preparing to leave on their flight to be united with their children.

The temperature in Addis is 61 so they are heading towards nice weather.

Grace is very excited and she said she saw a little baby in the terminal that looked like Fitty.

They should be arriving into Addis at close to 8:00 pm on the first day of the new year! I say that is a great way to ring in 2008, so many new exciting adventures on the horizon.

I hope to keep you as informed as possible, and if we are all lucky, some pictures. Be sure to leave a comment and say hi so they can have some good reading when they return home, ya like they are going to have time!

Signing off for now


Awaiting Baby said...

Yeah Grace and Miranda i am glad that you are having a great time and meeting other families. I am so excited for you. I bet as i am typing you are holding fitty and taking many pictures. I am sure vivi is giving you a look of "It's about time" she is fiesty. I cannot wait to hear updates about your trip. Could you stop by the court and tell the judge to speed up my court date. Kiss Miah for me if you are able to see her!