Sunday, August 26, 2007

painting and crabbie cakes

This weekend, we decided that we could save money and send meds and clothes to the children in ET if we painted the babies room ourselves. Well 18489349 hours later its still not done but it looks so great! It makes it offical because we now have this somewhat finished pink room. To reward ourselves, we went on a children med and baby clothing shopping spree yesterday yay! Today we bought some yummmmmmy delicious Ethiopian coffee seen how school starts tomorrow for me and I will need some sort of caffine to keep me going. For dinner, to thank mom for doing the majority of the painting I made the most deliciouuuuus crab cakes ever. It just gets me sooo excited to have the girls home so we can all cook together and just have fun! Well I am off to get my school supplies ready... haha...

Sunday, August 19, 2007


So I am getting anxious and I want to learn more about my baby sisters. I want to be the best big sister I can and it is making me nervous because I just love these babies so much already and I don't even know them! Mom got the cuuuuutest i <3 my big sister bib yesterday for one of the babies and now I JUST WANT MY SISTERS!

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Today I went and had my photos made to submit with my dossier and to celebrate I had to go shopping. It IS tax-free weekend! We went to Toys-R-Us and got a cute puzzle and book, then to Target where we got cute little clothes, socks and a little sock organizer thingy.

Apparently there is a new baby clothing store in town so we HAD to check that out. On top of the tax-free savings they were having a sale. 40% off!! We got 5 of the cutest little outfits ever! Tea is my new favorite baby line! I cannot wait to see my little sweeties in these.

My dossier is almost complete. I am planning on having it all together in time for my adoption coordinator to carry to Ethiopia in September. Sticking to this timeline means that it is a probability that I will have my babies home in time for Christmas. How amazing!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

soorrry for the horrible picture thing going on down there but I CANT figure it out

pictures of the districto federal!

so I don't know if you could tell but pretty much i <3 pictures

before climbing the pyramid

aaand after

there were more but i kept deleting them and now I am angry at the computer. no baby news as of yet.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Nothing New

This is mom--I really don't have anything new going on. Still waiting on 2 pieces of paper to complete my dossier. These are out of my control so I am just stuck. As Miranda said we survived Mexico City. It was a pretty nice time all in all. I got some cute baby clothes and very tasty candy.

We are still working on getting the girls room ready. We actually haven't gotten much accomplished. The bedding is still not ordered, the room is not painted and I still have junk in there.

There have been a lot of rumors about Ethiopia closing adoptions to single women. This is causing me some very major stress. Most everyone says this is a pretty common rumor and that we should be fine. I certainly hope so, not just for my sake but for the sake of all the single mothers out there who will give these children amazing homes. My fingers are crossed!!

Ok, I guess that will be it for now.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

home sweet home

Well it wasn't our best trip, but it definitely wasn't the worst. A few fights, a few temper tantrums, mostly on Grammy's part I will add, but overall a pretty good time. Pictures and more info later after I bask in doggy kisses.

Thursday, August 9, 2007


So for some insane reason, last Christmas we decided to take my Grammy on a trip to Mexico City. Now that the trip has finally arrived I am not going to lie, I'm getting scared because well, my Mimi has never been out of the country and sometimes she can be kind of mean. But we get to go eat dellllllllicious tacos and homemade corn tortillas and see the pyramids so I don't understand how anyone can be in a bad mood during that weekend trip. What I am kind of excited yet sad about though is that this will be our last trip without the babies! I am sad because duh, only child for 19 years but more so excited because who doesn't want to take their adorable little sisters on a trip. So cross your fingers that we don't have a Mexican beer induced WW III involving the Pruitt ladies this weekend!

Oooh I wonder if they will have toddler ponchos...?


air conditioner broken, not making it.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Not so good day!

Well today was not the best day. I got My I-600 kicked back for not having the right fee. The fees went up on June 30th and I thought as long as it was postmarked by that date they would accept it. I was wrong. They sent all my info back! I guess now I get to send the extra $200 and have lost a week on it. Oh well the not so bad news is that I can send it with my homestudy, which they need anyway.

I also found out that it may be another month until I get my divorce decree, so most def a day of frustration.

On a happier note--Miranda and I are cleaning out the closets in the soon to be nursery. I cannot wait to buy a ton of little clothes hangers and fill those closets with cute little clothes. Just going om the soon-to-be nursery makes me feel happy!! Soon it will be filled with my babies!!


Sunday, August 5, 2007

Home Study

Hi anyone who is reading this!! This is Mom posting. I see no reason for us to have 2 blogs, so I will be sharing this forum with the more advanced Miranda.

I got the best news today, my home study was approved. The way is clear for me to adopt 2 little girls, both under the age of 3 at referral. Siblings or unrelated! I am so relieved, excited, happy.....all these adjectives and more. Everyone told me not to worry, that almost no one doesn't get approved. Even if there are issues, the agency will work with you to resolve them etc.. I guess I just a worrier because worry about it is what I did.

My adoption agency coordinator, who I just love by the way, has said if I am able to have my dossier together by September I will most likely have my girls (whoever they may be) home by Christmas!!!!! Can you imagine a better Christmas gift? I honestly will not need another gift. I need a few more documents to arrive for my dossier, I anticipate I should have them in 2 or 3 weeks. Then once I get them authenticated it will be on its way to Ethiopia. This has all happened so quickly--which is amazing--I am not a patient person.

Ok all, I am now off to look at infant and toddler clothes, toys and bedding. What could be more fun I ask you?