Friday, October 5, 2007

Possible Court Date!!

I just spoke with Shimeliss and he said that they were planning on presenting our case to the courts on Monday. He said that they tried today, but that they weren't giving out court dates yet. He said that they will try again Monday, but there may be a huge rush so wish us luck everyone!!! We are still proceeding with just Fitsum if Genevieve's papers are not ready, but they are working very hard to get the needed documentation so I can bring them both home in one trip.

I am still comforted knowing that Fitsum will be home soon. She just needs to hang in there a little while longer!! Lisa, who just got a referral through Hope is going to be in Addis Monday and Tuesday and will visit the same orphanage where Fitsum lives. She has promised to look in on her and give her lots of TLC!! Thanks Lisa!