Friday, September 28, 2007

Fitsum update

Mommy talked to Shimeliss, the adoption coordinator on Wednesday and found out that little Fitsum is in the hospital! My poooor little baby sister!! She has an IV and is getting alot of fluids and nutrients so that she can become stronger and come home!! We talked to him again today and he said that she is already doing TONS better so yay for her!!! So everyone just please keep sending her positive thoughts so she knows we are all so excited to meet her and have her home! I swear I wish I could just drop out of school, go to Ethiopia and spend the next few months getting to know my sisters and living with them in their homeland. Especially when I heard that my little Fitty is so sick! Oh well, I will see my sweet little sisters soon enough! On a better note, Shimeliss said that he received mom's dossier and has already began to translate it and everything looks great! Today a church had an used children's clothing/toys sale and we got A TON of clothes for the girls. Especially Fitsum. We also got the cutest little pink glider for Vivi. My Mimi is coming to visit this weekend and I am really excited because she finally gets to see all the great pictures we have of the girls and look at the progress we have made on their room! So everyone just keep praying for little Fitsum and hope she makes a rapid recovery so we can bring her home in December!!


Malia'sMama said...

You are the most amazing 19 year old I have ever "met"!! While most (and believe me I know teens - i teach) are contemplating boys and hair and their own bodies, you are adopting and giving all your love and energy to the process. Wow! May you be blessed and these 2 little babes home to you and Mom soon!!