Thursday, October 4, 2007


So today mom got an email that said that baby Fitsum is going home from the hospital. We are kind of worried but the doctor from the hospital is training someone at the orphanage on how to take care of her and make sure she eats properly. Shimeliss said that there will be someone taking care of her 24/7 and he will get definitive updates on her. This makes me happy because at least now someone will be there to hold and baby her so she doesn't feel so alone. Hopefully we will hear news about a court date soon so we can bring these girls home! Today in Italian Cinema we were watching a movie with a girl named Stella, which means star in Italian. I was thinking that it would be a great name for Fitsum because even through all the pain and suffering she has been through she has managed to still have a twinkle like a star in her eye! So I don't know we are just trying to come up with ideas, but everything we think of is either too common or doesn't fit her so here are our names so far. Elena, Aleena, Stella, and I like Owen but no one else seems to...


Malia'sMama said...

Love the reason you want to name her Stella, however, Aleena is GORGEOUS and fits: Aleena Biset Fitsum :)