Friday, May 30, 2008



Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Play time with scarf

Addis was making us laugh so hard today while we played with her ethiopian scarf. Also take a look at those ginormous chomps of hers!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

My unbelievably nutty mobile sister

Someone is pulling up, standing by themselves for a few seconds oh and CRAWLING!! YAY! I don't think that unless you live with this baby 24/7 you can begin to understand how funny and crazy she is but here are some pictures of her that crack me up.
We looked over and saw her trying to break out of her high chair. I think if we had left her for a few more minutes she could have gotten her other leg out.

Now to her in a yellow jumper, omg Beyonce has nothing on my sister. She was NOT wanting to take a picture though. One is of her in her new favorite position, downward facing dog, which usually results in her falling on her rump.

And lastly is a shout-out to Aunt Lisa. First Addis falling after trying to stand with one hand on my bed. Then first Addis says "Look Aunt Lisa, I'm rockin my shorts!!!" with an intimidation face, and then a smiley one.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

omg omg omg

Well, it seems like someone officially has a brother!!!! OMG OMG I am beyond ecstatic. I am FINALLY posting his picture, please beware, we have a future heartbreaker on hand. I am going to have to beat away the girls with a stick! He is so so handsome, so sweet and so excited to come to Texas to be with us! We are hopefully planning on leaving around the 20th of June.
Introducing Mr. Anteneh L. Pruitt

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bye Bye Ri-Ri

Well we have to take Riley back to the Shelter today. Last night she attacked our other dog over some food. It was horrible. They fought from the kitchen all the way to Mom's room. Riley would NOT let go of Sadie. Sadie is the most alpha dog i have ever seen and she kept submitting and trying to keep the fight away from us, but Riley kept going back and would not let go of her head, ears, face, and feet. Finally we separated them and Riley has been outside ever since. They are both pretty cut up and Riley was bleeding everywhere. Both of them got some pain pills and they look fine. Riley will be going back. I am so dissapointed in her. Now she will have to die in that shelter. No one is going to adopt an 11 year old pitt mix with scars on her. Poor thing.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mommy Day

Dear mommy,
Thanks for being the best mom ever. I hope this mother's day rocks because you are officially a mother of two, pretty much a mother of 3, and possibly a mother of 4. Thanks for being my everything, and giving me my other everything, Addy. She is already so much like you, and I love you both so much. I am so proud of you for following your heart to bring Anteneh home. And he called you Mom!!! Thanks for letting me boss you around when I think I know better at how to raise Addis, and thanks for not yelling at me when I accidently sent Addy's medical profile to the entire Ethiopia Adopt forum in October. Thanks for buying me my dream car for my 18th birthday even though you said it was impractical, and not being mad now that I want something else because well... my car is impractical. Thanks for letting me take long naps when you get 5 hours of sleep. Thanks for forgiving me when I yell at you because I'm mad, being abused by Addis, want you to get off the phone/computer, or am hungry. Thanks for letting me be me and always being supportive. Thanks for giving me a kick in the ass when I was missing too much school this semester. And not being mad when I made a c in accounting. Thanks for making fun of people with me, but knowing better than to make fun of me. Thanks for letting me get a new dog, even though it was probably a stupid idea. Thanks for not saying anything when I claim to be on a diet, and then order a huge bacon sandwich. Thanks for trying to learn about our family's ethiopian culture. Thanks for buying me 100$ worth of spices and letting me take the credit when I make ethiopian food. Thanks for letting me take the credit for pretty much everything. Thanks for never using my favorite spoon and buying me a new favorite coffee mug after mine broke. Thanks for being honest with me about Eyerusalem, and treating me like an adult. Thanks for all the sacrifices and sucky crap you have gone through to give me a good life. Thanks for putting up with me. Thanks for knowing when I need a hug. Thanks for being you. Thanks for giving me my sister, my brother,and my other sister. Thanks for everything mommy.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Addy picture time

Riding her new fav toy.
Budding fashionista or tired of her pj's?
see we do love pictures!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

PART ONE of everything you wanted to know.

We will start out with 50 things so you don't get overwhelmed and I have some more time to think. Feel free to ask any questions you want answered in the next 50!!

1. I always choose truth
2. I could live on bread and cheese alone.
3. I have unwittingly become a pit-mix advocate. Mine are the sweetest most gentle dogs and they let Addis beat them up.
4. I am a recovering designer handbag addict.
5. I named Addis and Genevieve.
6. I always give people their presents early, Mom already got her Mother's day present.
7. I can't swim underwater.
8. I skipped crawling and now my balance is all jacked up.
9. I have abnormally short legs.
10. Therefore I can't ride a bike.
11. I hate chinese food.
12. I almost sold Addis for a diet dr. pepper while we were in Ethiopia.
13. I LOOOOVE turkey and bacon sandwiches. YUM
14. I don't like water, it's like the absence of flavor.
15. My clothes are organized by occasion and color.
16. My favorite color is pink.
17. I always wanted a little sister.
18. It takes my hair a day to dry naturally. No joke.
19. I like to make my boyfriends cry. i am currently single.
20. My favorite places in the world are my house, Santa fe, Italy, Ethiopia and Disney World.
21. I go freaking crazy at Disney World.
22. My favorite Princess is Belle.. Beauty and the Beast for you losers who don't know.
23. My room, my bathroom and Addis' room are all pink and brown.
24. I have never actually had a job.
25. I have two tattoos.
26. I love Texas, it's so the best state ever.
27. I am not competitive unless it's against Mom.
28. I always get sick on every vacation we take.
29. Mosquitos absolutely freaking love me.
30. I used to want to be a baker, but it's too much work and I'm not that great.
31. I am a holiday freak.
32. We make enough food for like 10 people but it is usually just 3 at Thanksgiving.
33. We have 6 trees for Xmas ranging in size from 8 feet to 6 inches.
34. I do have a Xmas sweater.
35. I tan super easily and have only had 2 sunburns, but I always wear loads and loads of sunscreen.
36. I have never worn foundation before.
37. My eyelashes will NEVER curl.
38. I carry at least 2 different kinds of chapstick with me at all times.
39. I have been to 4 continents.
40. I love vanilla soy milk.
41. I love having my picture taken.
42. I got my first tooth at 2 weeks.
43. I love dressing Addy up.
44. I loooove buying people presents.
45. I feel guilty about the most stupid things.
46. I have over 20 dresses, most of which don't fit anymore after my freshman 15 and then my sympathy paper pregnancy weight gain.
47. I am unbelievably easily annoyed. Gum smackers, phone talking at the table, slow drivers. ugh
48. I think addis kind of looks like me and has a lot of the Pruitt girls personality traits.
49. I can either be really shy or really outgoing.
50. I am a master nap taker. Since Addy has come home I have taken two 3 hour naps in one day.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Introducing Riley May

No we aren't trying to replace Hannah, but Sadie has never been alone and is having a really hard time adjusting. So we decided to go to our local no-kill shelter, just to see if we fell in love. Well WE DID! We met Maggie, now Riley because she didn't seem to know her name, and I had a friend named Maggie. Something about her just spoke to mom, out of 200 dogs we chose her. When we were doing paperwork, we found out she had been there 10 freaking years. WHAT THE HELL!! she is the sweetest, cutest dog ever, how in 10 years could no one take her home?? Poor thing! She and Sadie are a few months apart from each other in age. Only we would pick a 10.5 year old dog. When we brought her home, her and Sadie were pretty wary of each other, but they are starting to not avoid each other.. that's good right? Riley is amazing. She is so spoiled already. She slept with me all night and just wanted to cuddle and be as close as possible. When she would get really close she would just sigh. I am so sad that this great dog had to wait 10 years for her forever home!! Now we are up and she just keeps walking back to my room like hey come on let's go take a nap. It's so precious. We think she is some type of Shepherd pitt mix but she is pretty small, 30 lbs or so. She is really good with Addis, let's her knock on her without even flinching. Here are some pictures of her!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Poor Miss Hannah Louise

This is my 100th post and I was so excited about doing the 100 things about me but on Wednesday we had to put our dog Hannah to sleep. She had struggled with diabetes for about 4 years and the meds were just not working anymore. It was the hardest and saddest thing ever.
Dear Hannah,
Thank you for teaching me to enjoy everything! You lived life to the fullest and loved every moment of it! I'm sorry I yelled at you every time you got up one of the 14 times during the night to pee but then just walked around the yard for 10 minutes. I'm sorry that finally diabetes had you not you had diabetes. I loved you so much! I hope in doggie heaven you are having so much fun! I hope there is a room with a sprinkler you can play with and another room with snow you can play in. I hope there are a ton of squeaky toys you can play with and no one else will harass you for them. Most of all, I hope you are happy. We miss you, especially Sadie. See you later, alligator.

Oh and we didn't make it through court. This week sucks. We are rescheduled for the 14th.