Friday, March 28, 2008

our new obsession

go to u tube and look up ethiopian music. the videos are hilarious and Addis is obsessed with them. She dances like crazy and loves them. Im going to try to post my favorite. If it doesn't work then go to the link. It's a really cool song! I want to date the guy with the spikey hair. He's a dream boat.

This is it!!


Who would have thought I would have so much fun buying things for my brother!! I love it! I am getting so so so excited about bringing him home! Shimiless is saying that we should have our court date by next week! YAY!!! Today we went and bought him some shirts, a wallet, and a watch to send to him! I never knew how much I NEEDED a brother until I got one.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Addis the amazing baby

Okay so no joke, this kid is a genius. Maybe it has to do with the two hellish hours of watching baby geniuses at the hospital in Ethiopia our first night with her, Im not sure. Peruse a list of words that she has said more than once and with people other than me to verify
thank you- her first words
dabbo- bread yum her favorite
stop it- I told her to stop pinching me and she responded with this.
Ister- when the nanny asks where her sister is (me) she says this and looks at me aw
foods she loves (don't judge me)
beef and noodles
chicken and noodles
ANY bread
chicken tandoori and tikki masala
mango pudding
rice pudding
baby yogurt
weight watchers key lime pie (she lunged and stuck her finger in mine and then in her pie hole)
corn and flour tortillas
things she hates:
paleek paneer

what a chubber.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Addis' first photo shoot

Here is the link to Addis' photo shoot! She didn't really smile the whole time but I think we still got some amazingly adorable pictures! and then enter 27070WAddis.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Addis said her first words today... THANK YOU!!! Can you believe it?? She is such a polite little baby!! AND she learned to drink from a sippy today! My sister is pretty much the smartest baby out there (Sorry Julia)


Give me that camera sister!!!

Addis being mad that I wiped her face.

Trying to show her how a camera works..

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Miss Priss

Here is my rockstar super photogenic little sister. Miss Addis Fitsum Tesfaye. Say that four times. It means new absolute hope. How perfect!!!
My little fish loves a big girl bath.

Kiss Me in IRISH/Ethiopian!!!

Addis loves her blanket that one of our favorite Hopers sent!! THANK YOU!!

Eating her first chicken and noodles like a big girl!!!

Baby got back

She is so pretty!!!!

Long time no see!

So all of my fans(ha-ha) are just longing for an Addis update. Here it is.. She weighs 17.3 lbs... putting her in at a whopping 10 lbs more than when we met her! She is OBSESSED with bread... she will eat naan, tortillas, rolls, bread, I think her first word is going to be dabbo. She started clapping today which was adorable. She wants to lick everything, and is annoyed with the fact that she can't feed herself. We did buy her own little set of feeding spoon thingies but she just drops them. She loves to play the drop whatever Im holding and cry for Sister to get it. She is so so so spoiled. She is drinking juice, and loves her sweet potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, apples, and pears. She is a little garbage can, the only thing i have seen her spit out is peas, which are gross anyway. She is wearing mostly 6-12 month stuff but most of the pants don't fit her so she is going to have to move on up to 12-18 month pants soon. For anyone who saw her when she weighed 4 lbs. you can guess how amazing that is!! She is sleeping more and more every night. She usually goes to sleep at 8:30 has a bottle at 1, and then wakes up at 5 or so. On good days she goes back to sleep after her bottle, on bad days we watch things that have been tivoed. She loves to growl. I am hoping to take some video of her tonight so everyone can see just how LOUD she is. It's amazing everywhere we go she just screams and loves to talk to everyone!! I will put some pictures up later but its time for lunch!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

happy anniversary

happy anniversary of meeting you two whole months ago today little Genevieve Eyerus!!! I miss you more than anything and can't wait to see your gorgeous little face soon!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


I started making a list the other day about all the things we will need to buy before bringing home our newest additions. Let me tell you I freaked out. Here it goes.
1.Vivi's bed/dresser and bedding
2.Teneh's bed/ night stand/ desk/ dresser/ mattress dishwasher computer (both of ours are on their last limbs)
5.some time of closet maker for the basement for Teneh
6.the TV I was promised for XMAS.. selfish I know
7.all types of organization things
8.a booster car seat for Vivi
9.a different car for me, 5 people can NOT fit comfortably in my little car
10.CLOTHES for Teneh
11.things to help both of them learn English
12.all types of Ethiopian spices/find somewhere to ship injera.
Well as I was freaking out (I am totally OCD), I decided to contact one of the organizations that has provided me with scholarship money before. I told them that my computers were just not working (which they aren't) and making doing my school work really hard (which they are). So I got 2,000$ to go buy a brand new computer!!!! You are looking at the proud new owner of a MAC! well in a few days as I had to order it online. So it just goes to show that people really are looking out for you!!

Addis the Alien

Resident Alien that is. She got her green card a few weeks ago and here is a picture of her "celebrating".
Keep in mind this picture is before she got fat overnight.