Sunday, September 28, 2008

our busy weekend

First, Addis got some new boots.

Theeen we had soccer practice.

Then on Saturday, Jackson got to go flying with his ESL teacher in her cutest little airplane!!!

And then he had a soccer game where he scored 3 POINTS!! They won 4-1 against a team that was playing unfair and I was really proud of them!!

Then, Mommy, Addis and I went to an adoptive families pizza party where Adda basically reeked havoc on everyone and everything there.

ANND finally i uploaded these pictures from Jackson's first day at school and my birthday.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dear Addis,

You know I love you more than anything, but some things need to be discussed. I really really wish you would stop playing in the dog water, drinking the dog water, throwing dog food in the dog water, eating dog food, all together I just wish you would stay away from Sadie's sustenance area. I wish you would please not throw my shoes in the toilet, nor throw glass object on the floor on purpose and go "uh oh". When we are trying to go down for a nap, and you are really really fighting sleep, it is so NOT okay to punch me, pull my hair, beat me with your bottle/pacifer, or poke me in the eye. Also when we are out in public, please refrain from running up to me, pulling up my shirt, and beating on my fat belly like it is a drum... that is more of an at home game. In the rare occasion that you have to go in time out for repeatedly hitting me and/or mom, it ISN'T funny to mock my counting to 30 by going "un du la lalalala" and so on. Also could you please stop grabbing my phone and calling ex best friends and boy friends, and mom's phone and calling her ex-business partners... kinda awkward. I really like your new found fondness of books, buuuut, it kinda hurts my feelings when I am reading you a book, and you run off and make mom read you another one. Oooh almost forgot! When you are standing on the back of your little rocking chair, it is probably NOT a good idea to rock back and forth, while dancing, and drinking your sippy, and talking to us. Just some food for thought.
Your big sis Anana

Sunday, September 21, 2008

a new chapter

in our crazy little story.

After the horrible freak out last week (see post below), we all had some major talks around this house. Jackson, who always feels like he is being attacked when we try to have family talks said he wanted to go back to Ethiopia. Mom, who is going back to Ethiopia in a month or so for work, said okay fine, calling his bluff. He admitted that he didn't want to leave, he didn't know why he acted the way he did. I think seeing me hysterically crying, for like, hours, really helped him to understand how much his "little games" have been hurting us. I told him that I loved him, but I couldn't keep living like this, that I was scared to come out of my room because of him being so mean and it wasn't fair. I feel like he hasn't been helping enough around the house, and that he treats our family kind of like a guest house. The next day, he was up at 7, dressed and ready to go. He has consistently helped out more, in cleaning, doing his homework on time, not whining about his obligations, and helping with addis. His ESL teacher said he has become really motivated. On saturday, I was really really excited about this cheesy, apple picking festival that I wanted to go to. Well Jackson really didn't want to go, and complained the whole time. Granted there were no other 10 year old boys there, but I really wanted to go as a family. I told him that he hurt my feelings by asking every 5 minutes if we could leave, and basically not sucking it up and doing something because I wanted to do it. He said he was sorry, and then helped me do the dishes. WE ACTUALLY HAD A NON VIOLENT, NON SCREAMING FIGHT! After that, he had his first soccer game, where he scored the only 2 goals!!! Sadly, his team lost, but whatever my brother did so well! As someone very smart once told us, maybe you just have to hit rock bottom to start climbing up... or something like that. I think we are going to start family counseling, because I think there are definitely jealousy issues on both of our parts, and it would be good to talk about our problems in a constructive environment. And I really really hope that is the end of the chapter "I want to strangle my brother," in our family book.

Monday, September 15, 2008

horrible day

I have been crying all day. This morning Jackson was intentionally doing things to hurt me. He intentionally disobeyed me, told me no when I asked for help, was so hateful and worst of all was really mean to Addis. I don't know why he is doing this. I didn't do anything, and for him to be mean to me, whatever it happens all the time, but to be mean to Addis, I don't know, that just breaks my heart. I am so sad and tired. I know everyone says to give it time, it will get better, but how do you make it through when someone is intentionally mean and just doesn't like you. ALL the time. It is so tiring to be belittled and treated horribly all day every day... When is it a personality problem, not an older child adoption problem?

Friday, September 12, 2008


no school, no work, no nothing!! It has rained 9 inches in the past 24 hours, and is super flooded here so we get to have a fun family day!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What happened to being a complacent baby?

I am baby sitting Adda while mom is at work because she can't go to day care today, what with the puss and blood coming out of her ears. We have been by ourselves for oh.. about 25 minutes and she has already gone into time out once. For pulling out the computer cord twice, then proceeding to hit me with it. Oh joy

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My baby had surgery!!

Today Addis had tubes put in her ears. She has had the same ear infection for about 3 months even after having been on 5 different antibiotics. She has had probably 10 ear infections since she came home. So today she got her ears poked! This is her before, happy as could be, with everyone saying how cute she was.

This obviously isn't her after, but when she "woke" up from her anesthesia, we were reminded of our first night together. In an Ethiopian hospital. With a baby who slept 20 minutes THE WHOLE NIGHT. And screamed for bloody murder, inconsolably the rest of the time. This is a picture from that night, only she was about 5 inches and 19 lbs smaller therefore not nearly as hard to handle as today.

She has already been running around, eating yummy food and being pampered even more than usual.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Why we don't homeschool

Here are a few of the recent conversations my lovely mother and I have had recently, I'm pretty sure you can guess why we are not a homeschooling family. PS, we are both actually pretty smart...

Mom-"We have 20 boxes of 24 crayons each so that is like... 60,000 crayons!!!"

Me- "Omg I feel so bad, I cut Addis' nail down to the wick"
Mom- "You mean quick?"
Me- "Uhh no I am pretty sure I mean wick mom!"

Mom while helping Jackson with his homework- "A castaway is a person who hides in the plane to get a free ride to America."
Me- "Uhh that's a stowaway"

Me- "Well if it is in 4 days then that means it is a week from tomorrow right?"


Was the perfect day. If I could bottle it up for the days I want to lock either of my siblings in a closet I would. No fights no arguing no nothing. It was just lovely. That is why I wanted a brother and sister. Not to be overwhelmed and depressed, but to listen to music and eat breakfast burritos together.