Saturday, February 23, 2008

Our story!!

So I know that we have some new readers who may not be privy to exactly all of our family story so I am going to recap EVERYTHING for everyone! Warning, super long post!!
Okay so I am Miranda, 19 years old, International business major with a minor in Italian. What can you do what that you ask? I don't really know.. I was hoping to work for some super luxe food importer like Dean and Deluca but now I feel my heart may be lead another way. I know that I definitely will go spend a year or so working in Ethiopia doing whatever I can after I graduate. I tell everyone that at age 25 I will be coming back with a sibling set of 3!
My mommy is Grace, a wonderful lady is an Occupational Therapist, who owns her own rehab company that works in different nursing homes doing therapy. She now is a partner with our AMAZING adoption agency Hope, and helps out mainly with any questions, signing up new people and handing out referrals!
We live in Lubbock, Texas and it is a little less diverse than I would ideally want for my sisters but I love it here! We have been here since I was 7!!
It has always been me and my mom. She was married while I was in middle school but the two divorced a while back, so except for that always just us girls. This summer we were in Spain and the most exciting part to us was looking at all the babies and children. We realized that hey, maybe it was time to add to the family! We started researching and soon decided on Ethiopia because one can just tell how much that country loves their children. We decided on Hope agency sometime in late June. Also for anyone wondering on the name of my blog, we used to have 4 girl dogs and all of them were sister something-- Sister fast, Sister fat, Sister Little and the oldest was Sister mom. I stole her name because I knew I wasn't just going to be my sister's sister.. I was going to be something a little bit more special! Can you tell we had too much time before Addy came home...


Wilson's said...

Ha well at least you will be 25 when you bring home your set of siblings...I am only 23! lol. I love that you want to go and help out in Africa after you graduate. I have some ideas that I would love to do over there...maybe someday!