Saturday, February 2, 2008


Uh oh it's official. I am completely enamored by Addis. While we were waiting to go get her I always thought, "There is no way I can ever love anyone as much as my Mom, maybe in 20 years I'll love Fitsum that much but no way I will right away". Well the first day I saw her, I loved her more than anyone else but my Mommy and Grandma. And well last night, I realized that some time in the last month she got up to Mommy status. If she could learn to sleep 10 hours a night and change her own diapers I think Mom wouldn't even be in the running! Juuust Kidding. I can't wait to go get Genevieve and add someone else to love this much it's so much fun!


Malia'sMama said...

Okay, quit making me CRY!! :)

Chris said...

Miranda. This is so sweet . Poor Grace though :)
When I was pregnant with my second baby I always felt bad that I wont love the new baby as much as Alex but as soon as I saw her I was completely in love and realized that we can love a lot of people the same. I am not worry about loving Ava . I love her already and she is not even here . She is my baby as much as the other ones.
Addis looks so good and soon she will sleep through the night. I promise :)

Wilson's said...

aww-so sweet and that picture is adorable!

Handlyrics said...

Nice post. I cant wait until I can share that love. :)

Julia & Brad said...

OMG, I think you are the SWEETEST 19 year old! Will you be coming to visit with your sister, Mom, and Lisa??? I hope so!