Saturday, February 23, 2008

Addis Fitsum's Story

Second referral- On August 21st, while Shim was in Et, he sent an email saying, "We have a 3 week old girl I don't have any pictures, I think she's perfect for you." My mom wrote back immediately and said YES YES YES we accept!! That is how we received Addis Fitsum's referral. When he came back we got a mugshot picture of a little fat 8lb 3 week old baby that looked like a little old man. We were in love. Then our little hell story started. Shimeliss went to Ethiopia in early October and noticed immediately that something was horribly wrong with Fitsum. She was down to about 4 lbs. and had not been eating for a very very long time. The caregivers could not get her to eat and just figured she didn't want to eat. (don't worry the whole staff was changed because the pictures of my sister were ridiculous and heartbreaking!!!) He immediately took her to the hospital himself and she was put on a feeding tube. She stayed there for two weeks and got back up to 7.5 lbs. We were so so nervous yet so proud of our little Fighting Fitty! She had a problem with drinking from a bottle which the doctor explained to all the caregivers and they learned how to feed her. When we went to pick her up, she was back in the hospital with Pneumonia, Sepsis of the blood, severe malnutrition and a gastrointestinal infection. Psh say that three times fast! It was the worst day ever I think. We got there and I just started crying because I was so sure she was going to die after all she had been through. She couldn't make eye contact, cry, hold her head up or do anything. She weighed 7.3 lbs at 6 months. It was pitiful. We decided to stay with her that night at the hospital so she would begin to understand that we were her family. IT WAS HELL! We had a twin bed, a baby who WOULD NOT stop crying and didn't know how to eat from a bottle. Oh yes and no food. The next day we transfered her to another hospital that was within walking distance of the New Flower Guest house and that was when we began to see her turn around. She was placed on a feeding tube and began to drink from a bottle. She started sleeping while being held and we got to eat too! I will never be able to thank Helen who owns the guest house enough. She brought us meals, and took us to the hospital for outpatient antibiotic shots. She began to laugh and hold her head up around the time we were leaving. She has doubled her weight in just a month and a half and now weighs in at a rotund 14 lbs, yes my back is hurting. Now at 7 and a half months she can: mimic sounds, sit up VERY well, try to crawl, eat ALOT, play with her puppies, PLAY IN THE TUBBIE(her fav), oh and INFECT EVERYONE IN OUR FAMILY WITH SCABIES---ouch. We will be having a little picture session tomorrow so look for some exciting pictures but for now here is a sweet one of her sitting up and admiring her self-- two of her favorite things.


Sandee said...

:) I did not know all of Addis' story. You two are eternal lifesavers!

Wilson's said...

Aw- what a brave little fighter! That picture is adorable!

Handlyrics said...

She is a strong girl with a will.