Sunday, February 24, 2008

Addis.. the baby who grew overnight!

So when we went to pick up dear little Addy, newborn clothes were swimming on her. We went out to eat at a nice restaurant and literally as we stood up, her little 0-3 month leggings fell off of her. Well apparently overnight just last week she became a chunker. She was doing fine in her 3-6 month clothing, all was well. Then on Friday, Addy's beloved babysitter and I were getting her dressed before mom came home and decided to try out her new 6-12 month pants. Well they wouldn't fit. We had to lay her down to button them. Don't worry she wasn't in any pain or anything, the pants loosened up after we got them over her FAT belly. We can't carry her anymore, both of our backs are killing us and every time we try to take a nice warm bath, she goes crazy thinking it is tubbie time! For those of you who want proof of her portly-ness, here are some nakie pictures and a few to show how good she can sit up!

sitting up so well!!

She has leg fat!!!

Off to play some tennis at the club dahhling.

reading her book like such a big girl!

and finally looking super Ethiopian with her puppy.


Anonymous said...

I am just giggling away at her little cute face and healthy body. You go girl!! You saved her life you two. And now she is here to stay!!!

Malia'sMama said...

I love how much she is flourishing under you loving care. A few moments ago, I saw pics of her "hell" pictures in my files and wow... big, blessed difference! She is a crapper, that one- she had such a strong will to live, and I think that will, will serve her well as she gorws. :)
Miranda, it was good to read all of the "stories", and from someone who has had MAJOR scabies, contracted in Haiti- oooooooowww! and iiiiiiitch! Hope they are ALL gone! Did you wash all the bedding, too?
I hope Vivi can come home very soon, and if it feels right to add the little man, then do it. You all have enough love- it just radiates in your writing.
And, you, my dear, truly amaze me. I have mentioned before that I teach kids your age (well, a tad younger, most of them) and though many have wonderful hearts, I still think you are beyond special. I hope all your dreams for the children, for your Mom, for yourself, come true, SisterMama!!

Holly Wilgers said...

Addis, has Mommy been putting cream in your milk? lol! Good thing Texas is so big because I would be pinching those legs!

Jaclyn said...

Those pictures of Addis are cracking me up! As someone who can attest to how pretty she was during her "skinny" faze, I think she is even more beautiful with her new found baby fat!I laughed out loud when I opened the blog and saw the first pic. Can't wait to pinch those cheecks the next time I'm over in ya'lls neck of the woods!