Saturday, February 23, 2008

Genevieve Eyerusalem's Story

First referral- Early on my mom decided that because she was so young she wanted an infant so we requested an infant girl and said we were MAYBE open to the possibility of siblings. Well on July 15th Shimeliss, the coordinator, decided to just send us some pictures of a little girl who was a little over 2 at the time. We fell in love immediately. She had a stubborn look, huge eyes and was the prettiest thing I had ever seen. Her paperwork was nowhere near being ready, but neither was ours so we GLADLY accepted her referral! She was staying at a orphanage run by an Ethiopian Orthodox nun that Shimeliss supports. We decided to name her Genevieve and call her Vivi because the name just FITS her! Her mother is still alive, and because of this, her paperwork is continuing to hit more and more snags. We were so fortunate to meet both of them while we were picking up Addis. Let me tell you, she is a little bit of a brat! For anyone who has read "There is no me without you" Vivi is the Nun's little pet just like how the lady in the book had her little pet. She sleeps with the nun, is continually held by EVERYONE there and overall just runs the place. She is the youngest there and is everyones baby. When we met her, she was so shy but playful at the same time. I was tickling her and she screamed to the nun "Mooom she's touching me!" in Amharic. (All the kids call all the caregivers Amaye there.) I cried when she let me kiss her cheek after I bribed her with a piece of chocolate. She's just the sweetest thing ever and I miss her so much it hurts. Here is to hoping that we are able to bring her home sometime SOON like May!!!!! We aren't able to post her picture because she hasn't been through court yet but this is kind of what she looks like.. hahah


Chris said...

Miranda, I love your posts! Thank you for sharing your girls stories with us!! Your picture of Vivi is too cute!! Blessings! Christine