Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My baby had surgery!!

Today Addis had tubes put in her ears. She has had the same ear infection for about 3 months even after having been on 5 different antibiotics. She has had probably 10 ear infections since she came home. So today she got her ears poked! This is her before, happy as could be, with everyone saying how cute she was.

This obviously isn't her after, but when she "woke" up from her anesthesia, we were reminded of our first night together. In an Ethiopian hospital. With a baby who slept 20 minutes THE WHOLE NIGHT. And screamed for bloody murder, inconsolably the rest of the time. This is a picture from that night, only she was about 5 inches and 19 lbs smaller therefore not nearly as hard to handle as today.

She has already been running around, eating yummy food and being pampered even more than usual.


Chris said...

Poor baby.
Glad the everything went well:)
Thinking about you .

Amy said...

So glad little Miss Addis is on her way to healthy ears (and hopefully more sleep as a result:)).

Give her a big kiss from us!

Amy said...

Oh, and I remember that first night like it was yesterday. Makes me miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

Get well crazy baby!!! :-*

Lisa said...

So glad to hear Addis is back to being Addis! BTW... Zaela now fake coughs, fake sneezes, AND has an intimidation huff and puff! I seriously think I am in trouble!!!!