Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dear Addis,

You know I love you more than anything, but some things need to be discussed. I really really wish you would stop playing in the dog water, drinking the dog water, throwing dog food in the dog water, eating dog food, all together I just wish you would stay away from Sadie's sustenance area. I wish you would please not throw my shoes in the toilet, nor throw glass object on the floor on purpose and go "uh oh". When we are trying to go down for a nap, and you are really really fighting sleep, it is so NOT okay to punch me, pull my hair, beat me with your bottle/pacifer, or poke me in the eye. Also when we are out in public, please refrain from running up to me, pulling up my shirt, and beating on my fat belly like it is a drum... that is more of an at home game. In the rare occasion that you have to go in time out for repeatedly hitting me and/or mom, it ISN'T funny to mock my counting to 30 by going "un du la lalalala" and so on. Also could you please stop grabbing my phone and calling ex best friends and boy friends, and mom's phone and calling her ex-business partners... kinda awkward. I really like your new found fondness of books, buuuut, it kinda hurts my feelings when I am reading you a book, and you run off and make mom read you another one. Oooh almost forgot! When you are standing on the back of your little rocking chair, it is probably NOT a good idea to rock back and forth, while dancing, and drinking your sippy, and talking to us. Just some food for thought.
Your big sis Anana


Rebecca said...

Go Addis! I especially like the pulling up of your sis' shirt and beating on her not-fat-at-all-whatever-you-make-me-sick-by-saying-that-Miranda-belly. Just don't try it with me, okay, babygirl!?!?

Anonymous said...

I love it toddlerhood :) Go Addis want Emily and Kaitlyn (19months tomorrow) to come and ya'll can be the 3 toddlerteers? lol

ahhh that made me laugh what she does..wait until she climbs in the bathroom sink and turns the water on...and my ever fav...takes off shorts, diaper and runs always! yikes.

thanks for the laughs :)
can't wait to meet her in person .

ellerbee eight said...

I refuse to believe that sweet little baby angel ever does anything wrong... nope. I just won't believe it.

Sandee said...

Oh so funny!

Malia'sMama said...

LMAO! :)

Lisa said...

OH come on... ADDIS?? lol Cute little letter Miranda, I think you should frame it for her High School graduation :-) Oh, and get rid of all those X numbers!

Chris said...

Dear Addis . You are too funny .
We miss you !!!

Peculiar Smith Family said...

Anana, you are too funny! Addis sounds like quite a little firecracker!