Sunday, August 17, 2008


So since Anteneh came home he has been toying with the idea of changing his name. He really really liked the name Jackson but one of his best friends just happened to change his name to Jackson. Well last week Anteneh was finally like okay I am Jackson. Which is really confusing because our dog is named Jack. But anyways we might have a Jackson instead of an Anteneh because his friend is now Benjamin. Even though I am all for him keeping his name, it is SO annoying when people say it wrong, like even his teachers at day camp didn't care to pronounce Anteneh properly. And he is so shy about his English that he will never tell someone they are saying his name wrong. Well that's really all that happened this weekend. Lots of back to school shopping, Addis has been a terror playing with razor blades and broke glass.


Bennett said...

jackson is nice but he looks more like a Brandon or Brice, just my opinion, but I do love his name, even though he may have the problem w/people getting corect on the first attempt.

Chris said...

I was probably one of the one who wasn't prononcing his name right
:( Sorry