Saturday, August 2, 2008

And to the movies we went

Guess who is sick again? hmmm ADDIS! So instead of going shopping, out to eat and all together fun family saturday time, Mom decided that I should go see a movie with Anteneh. We decided to go see the Mummy returns movie because 1. it has jet li, anteneh's favorite, 2. it has sword fights, anteneh's 2nd favorite and 3. I liked the first 2. So when we get there I bought him a coke and candy bar even though I am against buying that overpriced crap. We went early to get the best seats for his first theater experience. And sat there. And sat some more. And then some more. The kid would not talk to me. AT ALL. During the previews for the new James Bond movie, which has a lot of the same components that makes a movie an Anteneh favorite, I said I would take him to see it and he said maybe. During the entire movie, I was being all lovey, trying to explain some things that might have confused him, and over all just being a nice sister. He finally admitted that he didn't want me to go with him. He wanted mom. Which is great that he is bonding to her, he loves her, she IS his mother. But good god boy, I was not about to stay home with the monster child when she a 102 fever. No thanks. I guess my point is, I was not expecting to be isolated by my brother who is jealous of my sister. And that I am sure I looked like a loser/pedophile trying to hold hands and whisper to a preteen that looks nothing like me. that is all for now, I am off to play with the baby who NEVER isolates me, if anything she favors me in things like naps, extreme beatings and hugs.


Peculiar Smith Family said...

gvrMiranda, you're an awesome big sister, and an awesome daughter. Anteneh and Addis are going to be so grateful to have a big sister like you...someday...when they're old enough to understand gratful...maybe in their 40s...just not now. :-) You're awesome, and it's great that Anteneh is bonding with his mom and wants to be with her too! Rebecca

Chris said...

Miranda ,
I agree with Rebecca . You are a great big sister :)
LOL about the pedophile remark:)
This is good though that Anteneh is bonding with his mom . Poor baby Addis. I hope that she is feeling better soon .

Rebecca said...

A pedophile loser! Girl, that got me laughing!!
You are the BEST big sister...look how much you love him and Addis!!!

Lisa said...

Hey Miranda!
I can't imagine how hard all of the adjustments are! I really admire you for being such a great Big Sis! It will all come together one day! Hand in there and keep doing what your doing!

ellerbee eight said...

Mir~ I have two pre teen sons... maybe they'll let you hold their hands and whisper sweet nothings in their ears this weekend... ha. That's hysterical! Why do they do anything they do? Who knows! I think you sound like a great big sister and I bet if you were at home and mom was there, he probably would have been upset because you weren't there. Strange lot... these pre teen boys!