Friday, August 15, 2008


Today I am Happy! Anteneh was up and ready to go to school when I got up (a first!!) He helped me get Addy ready and was playing with her while I got all her school stuff together. Last night he emptied the dishwasher UNSOLICITED!! We went out and ate, and Addis was acting horrible, and he kept giving her bites of his food to keep her placated. It was really sweet to see him actually care about Addis. I think that maybe seeing Josh and his other friends made him homesick but also made him compare how we live to how they live. Like that Josh has a dad and a brother while Anteneh only has girls in the house. Josh's mom's car has a tv in it ( as i was told 4 times) while mine doesn't. It must be so so strange to just randomly come into a family.


Rebecca said...

Hello Pruitt's!! No dad or brother???? You gals have enough love and laughter for anything that comes along. I'm so glad that things are better!!

Kim said...

1 Good Day is better than no good day. That is so sweet that Teneh is helping out...Now..about that TV in the Car.....ahem! Now I am worried Wubitu is gonna come home and ask for a Juicy purse!

ellerbee eight said...

The TV came in the car... seriously. I didn't want it... They made me do it... Maybe Anteneh's happy because he realizes you have the coolest friends in the world who have a TV in their car... I'm glad things are going better. Things are better at our house today too. Thank you God! I got a hug today that was authentic and not just because he thought he should do it. Wow. That was nice.

Amy said...

SO glad that things are better. I'm hoping more good days are ahead with less and less of those bad days in the mix.


Kristine said...

Yea! Maybe he is turning the corner.
Loved meeting you guys! Miss u!