Monday, January 19, 2009

Jaxy waxy

A little bit of an update on that every surprising brother of mine.
Last week we had our "every 2 month" BAD meltdown. This time it concluded with me threatening to move out. We started counseling on Monday which is probably what caused the meltdown, but once it starts, it's a bitch to get over. Finally after the major familial blowout on Thursday night, things were much better Friday afternoon. Jax apologized (AND he got a big talking to by his principal about the importance of respecting me and mom). We talked things over about how important it is to respect Mom and to respect me. That I am older and even though he was the boss in Ethiopia, it's different now. He can boss Addis around but not me. I am his only big sister and he is my only brother and we have to look out for each other. Today it was like an entirely different kid. He did his chores without me asking him, and he even asked if he could help clean up with me! Things aren't perfect but hopefully we'll keep on keepin on!
I think what helps him a lot is his sports. He is amazingly amazingly good at soccer. He is on two leagues right now, one of which is one of the best in his age range in the city. They recruited him! They all say he is good enough to at least play college, maybe even professional. I have never cared about sports before but I love watching him go out there and just do something he loves and is so good at.
He is about 5'3, which means he has grown about 4 inches since July. He has gained 20 or so lbs.
As for school, well he likes it a little better now that he has friends from his soccer league in his class. I think it is still just really hard for him to have been so smart and confident in Ethiopia, and come here and pretty much know nothing. He really likes his science and ESL teachers so that is a plus. His reading has really come along, and hopefully by the beginning of next year, he will pretty much be "caught up."
Well that is about all I can think of, can you tell I spend a lot less time with Jax then Addis? He is beginning to be Mr. too cool for school, and mainly just likes to spend most of his time by himself doing weird boy things.