Sunday, January 11, 2009

Addy is 18 months!!!

Well she was yesterday! BUUUT she went and got bronchitis so I didn't get to post anything. But be prepared to updated about what you were wishing you knew about her!
She is 26.5 lbs, and 30.5 inches tall. She wears a size 6 shoe and all 2T clothes!
Her hair is finalllllllllly long enough to put into piggy-puffs. It is so so cute!
Her vocabulary is crazy. I will try to list all the words she says, and understands. Momma, Jackson, dog, puppy, baby, ball, juice, book, open, close, up, down, hair, nose, head, hat, eye, mouth, kiss, bye, hello, hi, NO, MINE, yes, uh huh, nu uh, i love you, no mom (as in let me do it!), iee- ice cream, gra- grape, appa- apple/pear, ana-banana, yo yo- yogurt,tree, bird, duck, yellow, green, red itsy bitsy, roll it up, twinkle, santa, hot. I'm sure there are a ton more, but notice that Miranda/sister are missing.
Favorite foods- pears, grapes, CHEESE, smoothies, yogurt, sweet potato fries, SOUR CREAM, beans, rice
Favorite activities- playing house- laundry, with her babies, in her kitchen. going outside is by far the favorite, when she wakes up she cries to go out, when its 8 at night she cries to go out. Harassing yellow, watching little einsteins, harassing her brother. Books, dancing, music, pretending like she knows how to read. She gets so bored here by herself. I keep telling my self that her and Eyerus are gunna have so much fun together!
Care- We are using Curly Q's shampoo and conditioner. The Shampoo about once every week, and the conditioner once or twice. She takes a bath every night and we wet her hair, then put Silken child detangler, brush it out, and then silken child leave in conditioner. Her curls are super defined now! I loveees it! For her body we use L'occitane organic african shea butter. It's not cheap but it gets her soft like nothing else. Once a week she gets all Eucerined before she goes to bed.
Fits- Well her Ethiopian name wasn't FITSum for nothing. This kid throws fits alllllll the time. She will throw herself on the floor crying, kicking screaming. She hits whoever is by her, she screams no. All over something stupid like her wanting to go outside when its raining at 9 at night! She has also been crying hysterically when I leave her at daycare. Its so sad!
Boys- She does have a boyfriend by the name of Drake at her daycare, they are super cute and always kiss each other! But don't think she is a one woman man. She was caught giving a THREE year old boy some sugar on Friday. She's keeping her options open!
Okay that's all I can think of now, but I'm sure there is more, and more and more.


Malia'sMama said...

Enrolling her in karate might not be a bad idea. They take pre-2 year olds, right? :)

Nikko and Matt said...

Fiori is talking up a storm but still won't say mama or mommy. Grrr.

Wilson's said...

Mayla is only a size 5 shoe! haha