Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Update from Miss Miranda...

Hi everyone! I got an email from Mir about an hour ago. Here's what she had to say...."Addis had a terrible stomach bug and had to go to the hospital. She is 100% better now and loves being here(ET). I (Mir) have a cold that will not go away and the internet has been down for days. All the kids look healthy and are happy." This is the funny part...."Everyone keeps saying that Addis looks Somalian-like"....that's our Addis!! That's it....they'll be home in a few days...exhausted, I'm sure, but with Anteneh in tow.


Anonymous said...

Oh poor Miranda, pink eye before she left and now a cold :( ick that is no fun.
Hope little miss Addis has a better flight home than on her way there!!!

Mike & Amy said...

Miss you girls. So glad Addis is feeling better. Cant wait to hear about the trip!!!!!
Safe travels home.

Lisa said...

Hey girls!!! I think my cell phone bill is going to be much lower this month!! Miss YOU:))))

Chris said...

haha Lisa . Mine too:)
No text message . My cell phone companie probably think that I died.haha
Sorry about your cold Miranda and poor baby Addis sick:( No fun. I told you I could have watch her :)))
Have a safe trip home .We miss you guys .

Rebecca said...

Hey!!! What the heck has is going on? Grace has been cheating on me...I thought I was her only "text buddy"....that hurts...bad!! I agree...Verizon probably wonders where in the world I text messages!!

Chris said...

hey welcome back . we need an update :)