Friday, July 11, 2008

Birthday Pictures!!


The infamous "Ethiopian pouting" we keep hearing about

OMG a cash register!

For me??

oooh that's what you do with it.

omg omg this is sooo good

it took 3 q-tips and a shower/bath to clean up this ear.


GG said...

Look at that ear! Yummy! I showed Josh the picture of Anteneh pouting and asked is he had any words of wisdom for Anteneh. Once I explained what wisdom meant, he smiled really big, started laughing and slowly said "Maybe..." It was hysterical. Maybe when the boys get together in August, Josh can be a good example... I hope.

Mike & Amy said...

Ah, the infamous 1st birthday cake experience. Gotta LOVE that. So glad she enjoyed herself.

Bennett said...

Happy B-Day...........

OMG........I read the blog a few days ago a/b the pouting, now I get a visual...........It is funny, but now funny, if you know what I mean......I don't even know what suggestions to give to help.... Sorry :(

Chris said...

LOL Addis is too funny ! :)
Her cake looks yummy too .
For the pouting part , well my only suggestion is not to give in:(
Eventually he will be tired of doing it. It takes a lot of energy doing it and if you do it for nothing it is not worth it right :)
He is so cute :) even when he is pouting :)

Peculiar Smith Family said...

I LOVE the pic where Addis is looking at the cake like "wow, this is for me?" She is just too cute! And so is Anteneh (and Miranda you're cute too) :-)

Rebecca S.

The Wilkinson's said...

Ahahahahahaaaaaaa! That ear is so funny!!! Aiden thought that was great!

Rebecca said...

Yummy looking cake!! Addis' hair is getting so long!
I cannot believe that you put that pic of Anteneh pouting up...he's going to let you have it in a few years....the visual is really good tho. :)

Lisa said...

Was she trying to eat with her ear??!!!? LOL Oh my gosh,,,that Addis!!! How can Anteneh not be having a blast with your little nutty girl!!??!!