Thursday, May 8, 2008

PART ONE of everything you wanted to know.

We will start out with 50 things so you don't get overwhelmed and I have some more time to think. Feel free to ask any questions you want answered in the next 50!!

1. I always choose truth
2. I could live on bread and cheese alone.
3. I have unwittingly become a pit-mix advocate. Mine are the sweetest most gentle dogs and they let Addis beat them up.
4. I am a recovering designer handbag addict.
5. I named Addis and Genevieve.
6. I always give people their presents early, Mom already got her Mother's day present.
7. I can't swim underwater.
8. I skipped crawling and now my balance is all jacked up.
9. I have abnormally short legs.
10. Therefore I can't ride a bike.
11. I hate chinese food.
12. I almost sold Addis for a diet dr. pepper while we were in Ethiopia.
13. I LOOOOVE turkey and bacon sandwiches. YUM
14. I don't like water, it's like the absence of flavor.
15. My clothes are organized by occasion and color.
16. My favorite color is pink.
17. I always wanted a little sister.
18. It takes my hair a day to dry naturally. No joke.
19. I like to make my boyfriends cry. i am currently single.
20. My favorite places in the world are my house, Santa fe, Italy, Ethiopia and Disney World.
21. I go freaking crazy at Disney World.
22. My favorite Princess is Belle.. Beauty and the Beast for you losers who don't know.
23. My room, my bathroom and Addis' room are all pink and brown.
24. I have never actually had a job.
25. I have two tattoos.
26. I love Texas, it's so the best state ever.
27. I am not competitive unless it's against Mom.
28. I always get sick on every vacation we take.
29. Mosquitos absolutely freaking love me.
30. I used to want to be a baker, but it's too much work and I'm not that great.
31. I am a holiday freak.
32. We make enough food for like 10 people but it is usually just 3 at Thanksgiving.
33. We have 6 trees for Xmas ranging in size from 8 feet to 6 inches.
34. I do have a Xmas sweater.
35. I tan super easily and have only had 2 sunburns, but I always wear loads and loads of sunscreen.
36. I have never worn foundation before.
37. My eyelashes will NEVER curl.
38. I carry at least 2 different kinds of chapstick with me at all times.
39. I have been to 4 continents.
40. I love vanilla soy milk.
41. I love having my picture taken.
42. I got my first tooth at 2 weeks.
43. I love dressing Addy up.
44. I loooove buying people presents.
45. I feel guilty about the most stupid things.
46. I have over 20 dresses, most of which don't fit anymore after my freshman 15 and then my sympathy paper pregnancy weight gain.
47. I am unbelievably easily annoyed. Gum smackers, phone talking at the table, slow drivers. ugh
48. I think addis kind of looks like me and has a lot of the Pruitt girls personality traits.
49. I can either be really shy or really outgoing.
50. I am a master nap taker. Since Addy has come home I have taken two 3 hour naps in one day.


Rebecca said...

You are too funny! I'm with you on everything but the pink. But, I forgive you because of the tattoos.... :)

Chris said...

haha . Wow I didn't know that you had tattoos . Bad girl:)
It's fun to learn more about you . You are a big part of the Hope Family :)

Chris said...

Ok Ok you cauth me lying . I do have a tattoo :) OOPSY

Malia'sMama said...

Loved this! And, you're right, she DOES look like you- just look at that last pic!!

Holly Wilgers said...

Oh no!!! Do I have to bring diet drinks when I travel?!!?