Sunday, May 4, 2008

Introducing Riley May

No we aren't trying to replace Hannah, but Sadie has never been alone and is having a really hard time adjusting. So we decided to go to our local no-kill shelter, just to see if we fell in love. Well WE DID! We met Maggie, now Riley because she didn't seem to know her name, and I had a friend named Maggie. Something about her just spoke to mom, out of 200 dogs we chose her. When we were doing paperwork, we found out she had been there 10 freaking years. WHAT THE HELL!! she is the sweetest, cutest dog ever, how in 10 years could no one take her home?? Poor thing! She and Sadie are a few months apart from each other in age. Only we would pick a 10.5 year old dog. When we brought her home, her and Sadie were pretty wary of each other, but they are starting to not avoid each other.. that's good right? Riley is amazing. She is so spoiled already. She slept with me all night and just wanted to cuddle and be as close as possible. When she would get really close she would just sigh. I am so sad that this great dog had to wait 10 years for her forever home!! Now we are up and she just keeps walking back to my room like hey come on let's go take a nap. It's so precious. We think she is some type of Shepherd pitt mix but she is pretty small, 30 lbs or so. She is really good with Addis, let's her knock on her without even flinching. Here are some pictures of her!!


Mike & Amy said...

Oh, Riley is absolutely ADORABLE. Looks like she is making herself right at home. She may have some Australian Shepherd in her by the looks of her "marbled" tummy.

Rebecca said...

Oh, Ladies.
I love you both even more. 10 years old and you "picked" her. There is a special place in heaven for people like you.
P.S. She is very cute!!

Kim said...

what a cutie, I am laughing I had to read it twice, 10 years old. wow. ;)

Charlotte said...

Riley ! That's my son's name !

Easy to fall in love when you have such a loving heart !!!!

Congrats ! We got a new pound puppy 2 weeks ago ~ Honey ! And we love her !!!

Charlotte and crew

Anonymous said...

Very sweet! She looks right at home. I must say she looks like she has some Rottweiler in her. Her coloring and body looks like my older Rotts.