Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mommy Day

Dear mommy,
Thanks for being the best mom ever. I hope this mother's day rocks because you are officially a mother of two, pretty much a mother of 3, and possibly a mother of 4. Thanks for being my everything, and giving me my other everything, Addy. She is already so much like you, and I love you both so much. I am so proud of you for following your heart to bring Anteneh home. And he called you Mom!!! Thanks for letting me boss you around when I think I know better at how to raise Addis, and thanks for not yelling at me when I accidently sent Addy's medical profile to the entire Ethiopia Adopt forum in October. Thanks for buying me my dream car for my 18th birthday even though you said it was impractical, and not being mad now that I want something else because well... my car is impractical. Thanks for letting me take long naps when you get 5 hours of sleep. Thanks for forgiving me when I yell at you because I'm mad, being abused by Addis, want you to get off the phone/computer, or am hungry. Thanks for letting me be me and always being supportive. Thanks for giving me a kick in the ass when I was missing too much school this semester. And not being mad when I made a c in accounting. Thanks for making fun of people with me, but knowing better than to make fun of me. Thanks for letting me get a new dog, even though it was probably a stupid idea. Thanks for not saying anything when I claim to be on a diet, and then order a huge bacon sandwich. Thanks for trying to learn about our family's ethiopian culture. Thanks for buying me 100$ worth of spices and letting me take the credit when I make ethiopian food. Thanks for letting me take the credit for pretty much everything. Thanks for never using my favorite spoon and buying me a new favorite coffee mug after mine broke. Thanks for being honest with me about Eyerusalem, and treating me like an adult. Thanks for all the sacrifices and sucky crap you have gone through to give me a good life. Thanks for putting up with me. Thanks for knowing when I need a hug. Thanks for being you. Thanks for giving me my sister, my brother,and my other sister. Thanks for everything mommy.


Mike & Amy said...

Oh Miranda Sue that is so nice. Perfect Mothers Day gift!!!!
Take care hon,

Oh my gosh your little sister gets cuter every day. Noah is going to have to be on top of his game if he still plans to marry her some day:)

Chris said...

What a wonderful Mother's Day gift! Your sweet honest words make me cry!! After reading this I think I want your mom to adopt me too!!! What an amazing house of women you have. What is Teneh going to think? :)
Praying for good news on the 14th so you can bring your brother home!!

Rebecca said...

Ahhh....Miranda. That is so nice. I love your mom, too. (But not in a weird kind of way....I just think that she is an awesome woman, but then, I think you are too!!)

Travis and Lucy said...

Miranda, what a sweet post! It made me cry - so I'm sure your Mother did as well :) Your family rocks! I can't wait for Anteneh and Vivi join you in Texas! Hoping by next Mother's Day!!

Gina said...

*Sniff*sniff*snuffle - excuse me while I bawl all over my computer. What an awesome Mother's Day gift and what an awesome relationship you all have. Thanks for sharing.