Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hello Habesha

Check out my hair!!!

My baaaaaby

Such a beautiful little Habesha
Oooh Addis you are hillarious
Check out MY ringlets!

Me and my girls!!

There are no pictures of Jax, because that "super cool" hair of his was about 50 little braids him and his friends had done all over his head. He had to get his head shaved and is REALLY refusing pictures.
Things with Eyerusalem and Addis are going much much better. Now they just fight like siblings. Lalu has a lot of orphanage behaviors that are of course annoying but she was in an orphanage for 3 years so we have to remember that. Overall the two get along as well as any other sisters I know. They bond over their love for, the color pink, juice, watermelon, pizza, and screaming/dancing/singing.  Lalu is learning english pretty well, can almost say her abcs and can count to 4!! Addis can count to 2 and can say her abcbs and is even learning a little bit of amharic. It is safe to say we are a hit everywhere we go. It's like who can out extrovert who. 
And tomorrow I rock their teensy weensy little worlds. I leave at 3:45 for Rome to study abroad for 6 weeks. Who said that minor in Italian wouldn't come handy? (MOM!) Yes be jealous, and yes everyone, and your great aunts, I will be safe and careful! I will miss everyone soo soo much but it will be good for me to get away from being "Sistermom" for a while. No waking up at 6:30 to do hair, break up fights and gather everything for day care. No being the queen of time outs. No being walked in on while taking a bath and having a fully dressed addis join me. No feeling guilty about laying down and watching tv while the girls are home. I am more than happy do all these things, but it will be fun to get away for a bit. I am going to miss the little kisses from stingy addis in the morning when she wakes me up. I am going to miss Lalu giving me a thumbs up about my cooking. No more dance offs for a while, no more seeing the girls kiss and hug after they fight. No more hearing them say watermelon. No more fingernail painting. 
I will be updating while I'm gone, and will probably start a flicker or something to keep people who want to see my pictures updated. Wish me luck!!!


Rebecca said...

Oh girl. I think you are gonna be homesick!! I miss them all for you already!! Since no one is allowed to say be careful...hmmm...stay out of trouble....don't do anything I wouldn't do...have fun woman!!!
These pics are so great. Girls look SO happy! Godspeed girl!

Chris said...

AWWWWWW !!! Beautiful pictures :)
Hey have fun ,not too much :)
And do not come back with an Italian man or I will be SOOOOO JAlous :)

Malia'sMama said...

Good to see you posting! Whata crazy turn your lives have taken in such a short time, eh? Have fun in Roma! Arrivederci (likley spelled wrong ;)

Anonymous said...

Well I'm jealous! I say "Have the time of your life!" Italy is one of the best places in the whole world! And I'll text your mom like crazy so she doesn't get lonely :)

Lisa said...

You are so going to miss the chaos of your little sisters and brother! THe girl are soooo cute! HAVE a great time!!!!!!

Nikko and Matt said...

Wow, have a phenomenal time. I love Italy. If you get a chance, drive up North to Grosseto in the Maremma area of Tuscany. There are some really cool little towns including my fave - Pitigliano. We stayed at a cheese farm (they are big on agri-tourism) and went to the hot springs in Saturnia. Much less crowded than many of the better known towns in Tuscany.

Anonymous said...

Have a WONDERFUL time!!! I can't wait tto see pictures and hear all about it:)

Laurie said...

Have a great time! I'm jealous too, I'd love to spend time abroad. The pics are great! Can you guys tell me how you did Eyerusalem's hair in the first picture? She looks beautiful always, but I just love that hairdo on her!