Tuesday, November 4, 2008

welll she's gone

As most of you know, my mommy left for Ethiopia today. Why you ask? For work. The agency she works for is going to sponsor an orphanage very close to the area shown in this video.
So every time I am sad that she is gone for two weeks, I just need to suck it up. Jackson got shipped of to the Ellerbee's because even though he is being a good boy, he would have a bit of a problem listening to me for two weeks. Now before you start bitching about this affecting his bonding, he is proud to have a mom that cares about his country and knows he is coming home. Absence makes the heart grow fonder eh? And that leaves Adda, oh Adda. Yes, I will be taking care of her. Please pray for my sanity. This is the child who does karate kicks, beats me with large objects and doesn't like to sleep. YAY!!!


Chris said...

She is gone !!! If you need anything do not hesitate to call me . I am sure that you will be fine with Addis, It will probably be the best birth control :))))
And I am sure that Jax will also have a great time with Gina and her family .
And Grace alone in Ethiopia UMMMMM
Maybe she will find a daddy for her 4 kids :) You never know .
OK again , call with anything .
Hugs and love to you

Sandee said...

Ah, the two gals...with QBT. (Quality bonding time) lol!

Hugs and hang in there~ You blog each day and tell us your 14 days of adventure!

Hey Grace will be there for her court date, huh!

Rebecca said...

Oh man....Miranda and Addis alone...hope the house is still standing in two weeks! HaHa! You two will do great I know! Hey, what happened with the car situation this morning anyway?

Laurel said...

Just found your blog from Gina's ...

When my hubby and I went to Ghana for over a month, we left 21 year old brother in charge of 7 (yes seven) younger siblings. So ... you and 1 sweet little girl ... piece of cake. :)

Love the poopy diaper day ... welcome to mommyhood!



Anonymous said...

Hang in there!!!
Take her to the park or outside a lot to run her around and make her tired!!!!

When John left me with the then month old twins and a yr old and yr old we got smart and took them to the park after not sleeping one night the first night! uggh

you will do fine.
Waiting on Kalkidan and Dagemawit

ellerbee eight said...

Dearest Mir, at least I don't have poopy diapers to deal with. It's actually been really fun, and he has been really good. Actually saying please and thank you and helping me clean. Amazing. My own kids are driving me mad, but yours is awesome. Keep feeding Adda that cheese... maybe that will stop up the pooper. I will stay in contact.