Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day two of our bonding time!

Ahhhh today we slept until 7:15!! It was so great, I kept like waking up to see if addis was okay and she was just snoring away. Last night I got to talk to mommy, and then again this morning. She is going to visit Eyerus tomorrow!! She said she misses all of us bad. Addis got to go to school late because we woke up so late, and they were having song time, and the second she walked in she just busted out dancing, it was the funniest thing! I went to my classes, went grocery shopping, came home and cleaned up. I took a nice long bath and shower. I went and got miss addis and we came home to make dinner. Note to Addis: next time I spend a hour making a delicious and healthy dinner for you, please don't throw it on the floor and refuse to eat a bite! I made homemade spinach macaroni and cheese and tuna croquettes. The croquettes were gross, the mac and cheese was delicious! We played around for a while, took a bath, cleaned up more, did the dishes and some laundry and then watched the office and then miss Adda conked out! I am actually enjoying having Addis all to myself. She is such a funny baby, and she is so happy and fun to be around.


Chris said...

Sounds like you girls are having a good time :)
Have a good day .

Rebecca said...

Tuna croquets? Seriously? Gag me with a Ginsu!! No wonder she threw it on the floor! The spinach mac and cheese sounds delicious tho!! Glad you girls are doing so well holding down the fort!!

Lisa said...

Sounds like you two are having fun! YaY! BTW,,,I turned my back for a second and Zaela was sitting on the diswasher door,,,sound familiar???

Kresha said...

Did you really think that she was going to eat the salmon croquettes...too funny!