Monday, June 16, 2008

A weekend of Illness

Poor miss addis. She started "school" aka daycare for half days last week because she was just way too bored to spend all day here at home. And she loves it, she is in a really small class, with all kids over a year old because she is so advanced. But because she is a paci-thief, she caught some super strong crazy virus on Thursday. She was a little snotty on thursday night and kinda out of it on Friday but by Friday night she was so so congested and feverish it was horrible. She slept like 2 hours. She went to the doctor on Saturday, and had a horrible ear and sinus infection. We just hung out here all day and then that night her fever went up to 104.5!!! I was so scared, and at like 3 it finally broke and she slept until 6. Poor mom, I got to take naps and she didn't at all! She is back to normal now, just in time to go to Ethiopia, omg in a week we will be on a plane to Dulles, then a few more hours and on a 15 hour flight with the queen of mean Addis Fitsum Tesfaye. Im scared!


Rebecca said...

Poor little girl! I'm glad she's better now! I like the "queen of mean"....that is so funny!!!

Lisa said...

"Queen of Mean??" Not our little sweet Addis??!!! lol
Glad she is feeling better!! Can't wait for you to get Anteneh HOME...Your life is about to get even better:-)
Don't forget to check on little Mayla and take 387408 pictures!! Maybe you can make her smile:)))