Thursday, June 19, 2008

Aww a rare moment of peace and quiet

This past week Addis has been... NAUGHTY. We had to leave dinner early yesterday because she was throwing such a hissy, on Monday she made her self throw up at lunch because she wasn't getting enough attention, she has been hitting and punching, sleeping 4 hours a night, just all over being not a very sweet girl. BUT I did get this super cute picture of her cuddling her doll, well she was sleeping and I put the doll there but whatever I love it. Notice the pillow, that is her new thing.


The Wilkinsons said...

Awwwwwwwwwww! How sweet! I can't wait to see you guys and the naughty girl this weekend!

Travis and Lucy said...

I just don't believe those naughty things you said about her, especially after seeing this picture! LOL!! It must be those kids at Daycare teaching her to be naughty! JK!! Hopefully she has gotten it out of her system for the plane ride :)

Have a safe trip, and have a wonderful time in Ethiopia getting that handsome brother of your's.

Lisa said...

I had to see it to believe it!!! Wow,,, a sleeping Addis!!! Her hair is growing!! SWEET

Chris said...

She looks like an angel!! I love those moments!!! Hope you have a safe and wonderful trip to ET to bring Anteneh home! You will be in our thoughts and prayers each day!!

Blessings and joy!

Julia & Brad said...

Oh my goodness, how absolutely precious!!!