Friday, April 4, 2008


We have a court date on Anteneh!!! YAY It is May 1st. That means we will all be traveling, yes me mom and Addis the never sleeping insomnia baby, to go pick him up like the second week of June. We are excited beyond belief. We are also excited to see little Eyerusalem and maybe get some type of resolution about her situation. Last week it got to the point where I freaked out and said that I was done, I couldn't take it anymore. She has lived at the Nun's orphanage since she was 6 months old and I think the Nun considers her a daughter. I understand how hard it will be for her to give her to us, but it is what Eyerusalem's mother's wishes. We were fortunate enough to meet her and apparently she fell in love with us and can't wait for us to bring Eyerus home. I just don't want to take her from a place where she is loved, because WE want her. We told this to Shimiless, and he said that he had just talked to the Nun and she is all for the adoption now. I don't now what is going to happen, but I just am open to where ever we are led. I have loved Genevieve from the first day I saw her and she will always be my sister, whether she lives here, or in Ethiopia.


Malia'sMama said...

And, I say again that you are the most incredible 19 (20 now maybe?) I have ever "met"!!!! Peace be the journey!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you have the news of Antenah's court date. I don't know hte whole story behind Eyerus but will pray she is able to come home to your loving family soon.

(part of the hope family)

Aimee said...

Thanks for the comment on the "Becoming Brynly" post on my blog. I totally understand about "sometimes Addis, sometimes Fitsum."
I am sending good thoughts for a smooth court date, travel, etc. And for Eyerus as well.

Chris said...

We need an update here !!!!!

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Chris said...

Update needed ;)

Kim said...

so um when do you plan on updating this?