Monday, April 28, 2008

update finally.. sorry

okay sorrrry I just keep putting off updating. what has happened since april 4th... We went and saw Michael, Addis' buddy from the orphanage in colorado. It was so so much fun! Let's just say that hurricane Addis wrecked Michael's calm little world. I will post some pictures later but pretty much she scared the crap out of him. It was so great meeting Julia, Brad and especially Miss Lisa Wedekind who I think is like a honorary Pruitt because we are all so much alike.
THEN my grandma and uncle came to visit. This was her 3rd time to visit Addis, but they really clicked this time. It was the sweetest thing! She babysat her while I was at school and they took a bunch of naps and cuddled and kissed. SO precious. Grandma is also in LOVE with Anteneh. She thinks he is the most handsome boy ever and can't wait to meet him.
Addis now weighs 19.6 lbs. She cut her first tooth two weeks ago, and got her second one yesterday. She can pull herself up and crawl backwards. She can say Hi dada and mama. Everyone is her dada. We will be at the grocery store and she just stares at random people then screams "HI DADA!!!" She is a ball of energy and I can't wait to take her to Ethiopia so everyone can see how much she has changed.
ANTENEH!!! A group traveled last week and pretty much teneh is awesome. We sent a care package and he loved it. We got pictures of him smiling so wide! Im in love!! He is very excited for us to come, and knows it is going to be soon.
Eyerusalem- still a brat just like her baby sister and her hair is growing in from when it was shaved i January. her friend had something she wanted, so she took shoe off and threw it at her. Hum sounds vaguely familiar to Addis' repeated beatings to my head with her maraca.
Travel- We are going to leave May 24th and coming back on June 6th. We are having the exact same travel plans as Jaclyn and her family. I am so excited because they are adopting an 8 year old who is really good friends with Teneh and an ADORABLE little boy who I am kind of scared for because Addis is so hardcore!! We just won't be able to let her maraca little Tewdros head.
Okay I think that is it for now..


Anonymous said...

"We are going to leave May 24th and coming back on January 6th."

Holy Cow! That's a long trip! ;-)

SisterMom said...

oops i fixed it. all of addis' drumming on my head is causing brain damage i think.

Chris said...

Can't wait For Anteneh to come home with you guys!!!

Malia'sMama said...

Oh my God, what a whirlwind is your life! May the winds blow HAPPY!!

Lisa said...

Hi Miranda!!! Malia's mom wrote me and said I made the Sistermom Blog! An honorary Pruitt at that!!! WOW!!! Miss you all and I miss EATING yummy crepes!!! Hugs to you all!!! Hope court is a success tomorrow : - ))
Hugs, Lisa