Saturday, March 1, 2008


I started making a list the other day about all the things we will need to buy before bringing home our newest additions. Let me tell you I freaked out. Here it goes.
1.Vivi's bed/dresser and bedding
2.Teneh's bed/ night stand/ desk/ dresser/ mattress dishwasher computer (both of ours are on their last limbs)
5.some time of closet maker for the basement for Teneh
6.the TV I was promised for XMAS.. selfish I know
7.all types of organization things
8.a booster car seat for Vivi
9.a different car for me, 5 people can NOT fit comfortably in my little car
10.CLOTHES for Teneh
11.things to help both of them learn English
12.all types of Ethiopian spices/find somewhere to ship injera.
Well as I was freaking out (I am totally OCD), I decided to contact one of the organizations that has provided me with scholarship money before. I told them that my computers were just not working (which they aren't) and making doing my school work really hard (which they are). So I got 2,000$ to go buy a brand new computer!!!! You are looking at the proud new owner of a MAC! well in a few days as I had to order it online. So it just goes to show that people really are looking out for you!!


Charlotte said...

I am interested in doing an Ethiopian adoption, am single with 3 toddlers at home. Can you email the name of the agency you used please !

Charlotte and crew

Wilson's said...

Wow- this list stresses me out. I need to make one too!

Handlyrics said...

WOW. Nice!! Mac's are nice.