Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Addis the amazing baby

Okay so no joke, this kid is a genius. Maybe it has to do with the two hellish hours of watching baby geniuses at the hospital in Ethiopia our first night with her, Im not sure. Peruse a list of words that she has said more than once and with people other than me to verify
thank you- her first words
dabbo- bread yum her favorite
stop it- I told her to stop pinching me and she responded with this.
Ister- when the nanny asks where her sister is (me) she says this and looks at me aw
foods she loves (don't judge me)
beef and noodles
chicken and noodles
ANY bread
chicken tandoori and tikki masala
mango pudding
rice pudding
baby yogurt
weight watchers key lime pie (she lunged and stuck her finger in mine and then in her pie hole)
corn and flour tortillas
things she hates:
paleek paneer

what a chubber.


Chris said...

What a smart little baby :)
She is so so so pretty :)))
I heard that Ava is talking too :)
She told her caregiver today that she has a court date on April 17Th and she also told them that her mommy will be there on June 1st .
:) Hope that you guys are going to be with us .I am dying to hold little Addis .

Malia'sMama said...

Bread is Mal's absolute fav food, too, followed right on its heels (its crust? ;) by noodles- the saucier the better! :)

Rebecca said...

Sorry Miranda. I simply do not believe that that sweet little girl would pinch you! :)

Aimee said...

She is saying a lot. Brynly is fifteen months (almost) and her vocab basically consists of "yea", "ni ni" (night, night), "down" ala Ring Around the Rosey, and the occasional "ma ma."
Oh, she is really into bread too.