Tuesday, January 22, 2008

So I am pretty sure Addy is one of the world's happiest babies! She loves to jabber and scream and is just hilarious. I love being her big sister! She still doesn't sleep hardly at all but she's getting better. She has gained a total of four lbs in three weeks putting her in at a whopping 11 lbs!!! She loves to cuddle and talk. I love to give her kisses. She is absolutely in love with sweet potatoes and as i type has them on her ear, hair, nose and eye lid. Mommy isn't a very good cleaner. She is getting more used to the dogs but still prefers her mommy and sissy to them. She met her grandma and great aunt this weekend and was a huge hit, apparently she's even cuter than I was as a baby. No matter what, even with an ear infection, she always has a smile ready for me and I love her so much it is unbelievable! I can't even remember life without her, though I do miss getting 10 hours of sleep a night. She is the most gorgeous baby I have ever seen in the world and she knows it. She loves to look in the mirror especially when we make funny faces. She does really well going out places, though it has been pretty cold so we mainly just hang out at home. She has progressed so much its amazing she can sit up by herself for almost 10 seconds. Okay its bottle time now so more pictures and fun stuff later!!!


Malia'sMama said...

Oh Miranda, what a beautiful,loving post. It made me cry. AND, seeing Addis sooo joyful, so loved, so healthy looking after remembering the pics your mom sent long ago... wow. You are all soooo blessed! Now, let's get her other big sis HOME! :)

Kim and Gary said...

oh she is so beautiful!! what a good big sissy you are, i love the pictures!!! she is growing so fast
love Kim

Lisa said...

You are such a wonderful Big Sis!! Miranda, your post brings me hope that I will be there one day soon too!
Hugs, Lisa

Chris Mott said...

Addis looks so happy and healthy. It's truly amazing what a little nutrician and lots of love can do! You are a wonderful big sister. I am not sure who has the bigger smile, you or Addis. You are all so blessed, deservingly!! Christine