Monday, January 14, 2008

home home home

We are home! we got in yesterday and are all suffering a severe case of jetlag. Addis is wonderful, we took her to the dr. today and she has gained about 2 lbs. since we met her 14 days ago!!! She eats nonstop and is a very happy baby when her belly is full. She loves to talk and smile and play with her big sister. She especially loves her mommy though! Already she has made a lot of improvements, she can hold her head up, maintain eye contact, smile and giggle, talk ALOT, tell the difference between the two of us and imitate noises. She has some catching up to do but she is doing great!!! Here is a picture of her on her first plane ride, a 17 hour one at that!


Mamato2 said...

Oh YEA!!!!!!! Welcome home Addis, Grace and Miranda!! When is little bis sis joining you?? :)

Kim said...

you look beautiful!! what a great bunch of pictures too! I love it, well this is what I hoped to see, Grace I hope your first day at work was good, I cannot believe she gained 2 pounds that fast!!!! I cannot believe you have her after so many prayers and so many close calls.
Love ya all

LISA said...

Welcome Home!!Love the pics!