Friday, March 27, 2009

Party of five

Sorry for the delay in posting, you will all understand if things got a little hectic around here. I am proud to say that we are now a party of five. Yes as in my mother has 4 kids ranging in age from 20 years to 20 months. She and Jax left on monday march 16, got into Addis late late Tuesday night and picked up Eyerusalem on Wednesday. Let's just say that for all of you who have heard the horrors of toddler adoption, my mom's experience with Eyerus was that, times 13, but without any potty accidents. Incessant crying, screaming, refusing to make eye contact, attempts to escape, refusal to eat. She wouldn't let mom touch her, change her clothes, fix her hair, anything. She refused to sleep in bed with mom, and slept in a chair the whole trip, see picture below. As soon as Mom, Jax and Eyerus got home late Sunday night after 30+ hours of flight travel and 6+ hours of driving, she plopped right into my arms and fell asleep. Ouch for mom right? Well we all stayed home the next day and she slowly started coming out of her shell. Addis was like hey, who are you, why are you playing with my stuff now let's fight! Eyerus was like Hey, I hate all of you, leave me alone, give me a banana, and leave me alone. Things slowly got better, and she slowly started letting mom touch her more. I think she just bonded to me quicker because she wanted someone to have to love on, but was still mad at mom for being the person who actually took her from the orphanage. I stayed home with her on Tuesday, and she really started to show her personality. She had a few times where her "only childness" came out, but she quickly got over it and came back to loving on me. I don't have class until 2 on Wednesday so I stayed with her again, and she just really started to blossom. She was showing mom all types of affection and being really sweet and funny. She started day care on Thursday, please don't say anything about this affecting her bonding, we tried to hire a nanny and 3 fell through so she goes to the same one as Addis for half days and she told Jackson that she really likes it. She let's mom kiss and love on her now, she loves to have mom do her hair, and loves to cuddle up with me. She HATES the dogs, but is not as scared of them as she used to be. She has started to be really sweet with Addis, sharing her food, and drinks, and only fighting a little bit. That's all I have now, so I will show you all some much needed pictures. We only have a few, but we will take more this weekend.

all happy and pretty in her embassy outfit, before she realized what was really going down.
sleeping in a chaaaaair

Her first day home, she did NOT want to play with me and Addis

Hahahahah she found these after bathtime and was running around naked in them saying cheeeese cheeese 

Has to be exactly like her big sister.


Kim said...

Together at last..challenges, stress,craziness and all that comes with are complete now..

I am deeply happy for you. thanks for sharing the first moments too. Gives me lots to think and dream about..
peace and love

Kim said...

was thinking of you a lot! Grace and Miranda, I cannot believe that it is actually done. She is beautiful and I am so happy for you guys! What a journey since I spoke with you two years ago grace! a long journey and three kids later!!! OMgosh. Okay I am going to try to call you soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a journey you have ALL had! So happy you are together now. I will keep praying that everyone continues to adjust well.
How did Jax do going back to visit?

Anonymous said...

So glad she is finally home and that she went to big sister right away:)
Esp after Jackson giving you a harder time ya deserve an easy time :)

Too funny the sunglasses darling pics.
enjoy your weekend

Wilson's said...

yay! congrats gals...she is a cutie. you have a road ahead of you if she is anything like Mayla- but it's worth every second!

Paula said...

Glad you finally have her home. :)

ellerbee eight said...

AHHH... she is too cute. Why is the Ethiopian pout so much cuter on someone else's kid? I love her already. Thanks for the update!

FHL said...

Oh my, she may be a handful, but could she possibly be any cuter!!!

So glad you are all finally together!

Lisa said...

I am so happy to hear she is HOME! I'm sure she will find the Pruitt in her soon enough! WOW,,, it seems like so long ago when I met her in Ethiopia my first time around! I still have those pics if you want me to put them on Snapfish for you! Looking forward to seeing you all in July!!! XOXXO

Renee said...

OMGosh, that pic of little Miss E sitting on the bench in her pink crocs and gigundo attitude is priceless!! I am so happy for you guys, and so glad to hear she seems to be warming up to her family.

Kristine said...

Love seeing the pics! (I really love the one of her with her legs crossed and her attitude :))

Very happy for you guys.

Malia'sMama said...

Your poor Mama. First big boy is a pain and now big girl, but all will smooth over soon, I hope, and completely! She is a cutie!
And spkg of big boy, how did he do in Addis? Coming back? Were you sole mama to little sis while they were gone?
Many blessings on your party of five!!

Laurie said...

Finally home! I'm so happy for you. She is going to be worth every second of this challenging time, glad she is warming up already. Welcome home!!!

Rebecca Smith said...

She is such a little beauty. I'm so happy she is finally, at long last, with her family!

Amy and Amelia AiChun said...

Well - I always say toddler adoption is not for the faint of heart! Congrats on finally getting that girl home!

Amy B from the Lubbock IA group

Chris said...

Ahhh home at last!! You all have been so strong and such great examples of patience during your wait. It is so great to see you all together and to hear it's going so well! I wish you all continued happiness and blessings.
Can't wait to see you all at the reunion!!

Jenny H said...

Hello- I am Gina's SIL and I gave you all the clothes for your new princess. I have more clothes and shoes if you want them. What size is she in? Let Gina know and if they will work we can send another care package! I enjoy reading about your family! Thanks for sharing! :) Jenny

Chris said...

I came to your blog and saw the post, read it and didn't have tiom eto write a comment. Came back again and same thing. Well Now I am taking the time.
Thank You for the update and pictures. She is so cute .POst some more when you can :)
Hope to see you in July :))))

Bennett said...

So happy for you guys!!