Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh Fits!

Do you want some sister?

A delicious appetizer of sour cream

Yum bean dip!

Uh oh bean dip hair

Caught in the act

trying to play it off

Our new puppy Yellow Jack. Yellow because that's what Addis named him, Jack because every dog is a Jack to Jackson in memory of his Ethiopian puppy. I know the last thing we probably needed is another dog, but he's sweet and we rescued him so what! This is Addis about to slap the crap out of him.

Then she felt remorseful so she went to give him a kiss, and when he tried to eat the bean dip out of her hair....

She slapped the crap out of him again!

My first fire roasted marshmallow YUMMERZ!

Please ignore all the crap lying around in our house. I swear mom spent every second of her 4 day weekend cleaning but someone (Addis) is a destructo baby that just makes a mess out of anything and everything.


Chris said...

Too cute . OMG she is still on sour cream :)
I kind of feel bad for Yellow Jack and mom though .
Yellow Jack beeing beat up and mom who spend her 4 days off cleaning.

SisterMom said...

Yellow Jack was not harmed in any way!!!
Addis' favorite food group is sour cream

Lisa said...

A day in the life of the Pruitts! LOL good stuff Mir!

-holly said...

Okay, so bean dip contains lard which is used in Ethiopia for conditioning the hair... Guess you didn't know how smart Addis was!

SisterMom said...

Nah--ours was made with vegetarian beans, cheese, salsa and of course--sour cream. Addis eats it at every meal!!!
Hmmmm, I wonder why she weighs 30 lbs.......

Peculiar Smith Family said...

Yellow Jack is in for fun! Heh heh! Love the pictures! I never thought of sour cream as a food group. Is bean dip included in that food group or is it considered a separate group?

Wilson's said...

addis, i would totally eat sour cream every meal too, but unlike you 30 extra lbs wouldn't be cute on me:)

Malia'sMama said...

Aw, poor puppy! But, you should see what Mal does with our Beast. This morning she was alternating lying the whole length on top of him, or tumbling over. Constant cautions of "watch his pee-pee, honey" are given. :)In the end she kissed him all over his big 'ol head.
Addis looks like a great eater- can she come over and instruct Mal in this dept?
Hey how about a post updating the other ethio-kidlette, J? I am wondering how he is doing, and how YOU guys are with him, now.

Shaun said...

LMAO!! Poor yellow Jack!

Kresha said...

I love all the photos, keep'em coming, Addis is growing and changing so much!