Sunday, October 26, 2008

6 things about Grace

Finally, here are my 6 things!!

1. I was born in New Mexico and miss fresh roasted green chile in the fall more than words can adequately express. Something about the smell of fire roasting green chiles signal the beginning of fall. I cannot tolerate Tex-Mex food and usually drive to New Mexico in the fall to pick up my beloved chiles. This year is a little bit crazier than years past, so I will have to settle for mail order.

2. My daughter Miranda is my best friend ever.

3. Ties into number 1--I love any spicy food, the spicier the better. I love Thai, Mexican, New Mexican, Indian, Vietnemese, and Ethiopian of course!!

4. I hate watching movies. I become unbearably bored and antsy. I have trouble sitting still for 2 hours in the dark without being able to talk or answer my phone!!! DVD's and TiVo make it a little easier, but I still am not a huge fan of movies. I much prefer reading, I can read a good book for hours at a time. Which is weird, I guess but there it is.

5. My kids are huge spoiled brats--I am not a strict disciplinarian and always think "Ahhhh, they are only young once"! It is how I was with Miranda and how I am with Addis and Jackson. I get frustrated all the time with them, and vow to "make some changes" but somehow never quite do it. Addis has turned into "that kid" in stores and restaurants. Oh well, she is only a baby once, right?

6. My 3 favorite places in the world, the places that I can return to over and over are: Santa Fe, New Mexico--I love it, love it, love it there! Rome, Italy--Duh!!!, and Ethiopia--I love everything about Ethiopia, really I do.

There you go 6 random facts. I won't tag anyone, because all my peeps have been tagged I think.
Miranda still needs to do hers!!!!!


Chris said...

I wish you had talk about me a little .haha JK
This is so great that your best friend is your daughter :) Sweet.

Deanne said...

Oh! I just love how you talk about Miranda being your best friend. I can't wait to have a daughter best friend. The boy's will all dessert me or just throw me in a nursing home, a daughter would never do that:)

Rebecca said...

That's funny Deanne! Put you in a nursing home! Snort!! I love your list Grace. Except for your 3fav've never been here! I'm here!! It should read...."Ethiopia, Rome and Washington state"!!!!! :)